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High School 
Blue Knights 

Copyright 2015 Lancer. All Rights Reserved. 

Domestic and international copyright law protects this work. 

Except in the context of a genuine fair use, any authorized reproduction or distribution of this work, 
in whole or in part, is unlawful. Violators will be pursued to the furthest extent of the law. 

Lancer 2015 is a publication of 
Lancer, the Sandwich High School Yearbook, 
an unincorporated association consisting of the editors and contributors of 

Lancer 2015, and of 
Sandwich High School, 

365 Quaker Meetinghouse Road, 

East Sandwich, Massachusetts 02537. 

Registration for the compilation copyright of this book is pending 
with the U.S. Copyright Office. 

Cover Photo copyright: TinaTrites/ 

To whom we send our most sincere thanks for loaning us her image of the Boardwalk Jump, 

a century-old rite of passage for Sandwich children. 


" ffiLi whole earth in which we 
inhabit is but a point in space. " 
-Henry- David Thoreau 

Genieva Antis Aboltin 

download my mixtape 

Ikram Ahmad 

Shelley Alden 

“I figure life's a gift and I don t 
intend on wasting it. You don t 
know what hand you're gonna 
get dealt next. You learn to take 
life as it comes at you. To make 
each day count. ” 

/ would like to thank Erin. 
Caroline. Julia, Shannon. 
Delaney, Kelley and Pat for 
making my high school years 
the most memorable. I would 
also like to thank my sister, 
Katie, for continuing to be my 
inspiration everyday. 

U herever we all may end up, I 
hope you all fir^d your way and 
are happy with it. 

Congrats the class of 2015, we 
made it! 

You have brains in your head. 
You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer y'ourself in any 
direction you choose, 
lou ’re on your own. 

.And you know what you know. 
You are the guy who 'll decide 
where to go. ” 

- Dr. Seuss 

Peter Amaral 

“Hhat lies behind you and 
what lies in front of you 
pales in comparison 
to what lies inside of you. ” 
-Ralph If aldo Emerson 

Sarah Archambeault 

Jacob Aver\^ 

“Dear Everybody If ho Can Rap 
Better Than Me. 
Please Show Me” 
- Jaden Smith 

“Don't wail for your ship to 
come; su’im out to it. ” 

Thank y'ou to rny mom and 
grandma for getting me 
through every injury and 
milestone in my life. 
To My Papa For being my' 
number one fan. To my 
coaches for never letting me 
give up. Also to my sister 
Lindsey for understanding me 
and making me constantly 
laugh. Molly (Trish) for being 
like a sister to me I love our 
spontaneous adventures and 
obnoxious singing. Allie for 
being my best friend and dance 
partner you never fail to make 
me laugh. 

Meghan Baker 

Hannah Barrett 

“Line on up and take your 
place, show your face to the 
morning. One of these days, 
you'll be born and raised, and 
it all comes on without 
warning. ” -JM 

Thank you all -for teaching 
me, for laughing with me, for 
staying by my side. You have 
all helped raise me, and I hope 
I have done the same. If hen I 
leave this school, it will be with 
gratitude and nostalgia, with 
grace in my heart and flowers 
in my hair. 

Lily Barter 

“We do not need magic to 
change the world, 
we carry all the power we need 
inside ourselves already: 
we have the power to imagine 
better. ” 

- JK Rowling 

... Thank you mom and dad, 
but now Dobby is a free elf 

Rebecca Bassick 

"God gave you them shoes to fit 
you, so put them on and wear 
them. Be yourself man, be 
proud of who you are. ” 

“Some people dream of success, 
ivhile others wake up and work 
hard for it. ” 

“You can do anything you set 
your mind to man eminem 

Molly Bedford 

“/ wumbo, you wumbo. 

he she we wumbo, 
wumboing, wumbology, 
the study of wumboS 
- Patrick Star 


Lily Belekewncz 

To eivn one who has made 
these past four years a blast. 

thank you. 
Ill remember it forever. 

William Bennett 

Alexis Blais-Anderson 

Thanks to Graham for being 
there for me. 
Good luck to everyone in the 
Class of 2015 

Gina Boccuzzi 

‘‘‘Life moves pretty fast. If you 
don t stop and look around 
once in a ivhile, you could miss 
it. ” Thank you to my family, 
friends and especially to my 
teachers. The amazing teachers 
I have encountered during high 
school have made me who I 
am. .Always treating me as an 
equal, they prepared me not 
only for the classroom, but for 
life. I would also like to thank 
the band, who have been my 
second family throughout high 
school, llithout them, the past 
four years would have been 
incredibly dull. 

“Isn V it funny how day by day 
nothing changes but 
when you look back 
everything is different?^ 

- C.S. Lewis. 

I can V believe how fast these 
four years have gone by. Thank I 
you to my parents for all you 
have done for me: / don V know 
where Id be without you. \ 


Best of Luck class of 2015 | 

Amy Bolton 

Joshua Booth 

“/m sick of following my 
dreams. Im just going to ask 
where they re going, and hook 
up with them later. 
-Mitch Iledberg” 

Zachary Boudrow | 



Noah Bourdon 

I'hanks, Morn and Dad, for 
always being there for me in 
any situation. You taught me 
and helped me grow into the 
person I am today. 
My favorite times in high school 
were spent being around my 
friends Jordan. Brady, and 
.Anthony. Ife had fun times in 
the Small Cafe. I made a lot of 
new friends during my high 
school years, but during those 
when / didn ’t have many 
friends, my good friend 
.Anthony always had my back. 
Thanks for that. I would also 
like to thank my teachers for 
teaching me new things every 
day and helping me prepare as 
I graduate from high school. 

Patrick Bowlin 

Nicole Brackett 

“Eventually all the pieces fall 
into place. Until then, live for 
the moment and know that 
everything happens for a 
reason. ” 

To my family, thank you for 
always being supportive. 
Special thank you to my' Mom 
and Nana for helping me 
become the woman I am today. 
Shout out to SS, TAC, and the 
cheer ladies for making the last 
four years memorable. Emma. 
Tic, and Haley, you will forever 
be my best friends. It 's been real 
SHS, you will be missed. 

“Our street corners keep secrets, 
and our road signs only 
suggest, never deciding for us. 
never knowing if the 
destination to which they lead, 
is where we truly belong. Life's 
greatest tragedy is not that it 
will someday end, but that 
most of us just live to follow 
directions, and many times we 
end up totally lost. ” 


Sarah Briggs 


(i “We’re almost there and 

nowhere near it. .All that 
matters is we’re going. ” 
Thank you mom and dad for 
, supporting me no matter what, 

I and always inspiring me to 

chase my dreams. Chelsea and 
Caroline, thank you for being 
the best big sisters ever, I don 't 
! know where I would be without 
you guys. 'To my soccer team, 
you have given me the best -t 
years / could ask for, keep 
being the best in the ACL for 
me. And lastly, to my amazing 
friends, / cant thank you all 
enough for the laughs 
Ive shared with all of you. HI 
miss you guys like crazy. 

"There are times to stay put, 
(2nd what you want will come 
to you, and there are times to 
go out into the world and find 
such a thing for yourself. ’’ - 
Lemony Snicket 

ft hen looking back upon moments. 
il.s ulu’ays the people you remember. 

To my extraordinary friends, the 
teachers who inspired me, and even 
those who have come and gone, 
thank you for being the people who 
make moments worth remembering. 
Thank you to my incredible mom. 
for believing from the start, and to 
Jamie and StHiu.for being my best 
friends, my partners in crime, and 
the best brothers a sister ('ould ever 
ask for. 

('ongratulations. Class (tf 201. T I 
('ant wait to see the icorld we create. 


Allison Bryant 

Stefanie Briggs 


M resiling (9-12), Atlantic Coast 
All-Star.. Football (9-12), 
Freshman captain. Senior 

Favorite quote: “ It's not the 
size of the dog in the fight, but 
the size of the fight in the dog. ” 
~ .Archie Griffin (Former .\FL 

Bonfires.. In my spare time, I 
con usually be found out 
fishing on my boat... "Clyde” 
and friends... 

It's the little things that mean 
the most, hut one day you'll 
look back and those moments 
will be the big things in life. 

Emily Christensen 

Madison-Lee Buckland 

“Now, um. usually' I don ’t do 
this but uh... 
Go head’ on break em off wit a 
UF preview of the remix... ” 
Thanks to so many people, but 
especially Mr. Franke and M. 

Last Dawgfor so much, and 
everyone else who has been 
putting up with my general 
tom foolery these past four 
years. Quick shout-out to Lisa 
and Shaun, you guy's’re the 
real Ml P’s. Stanley is free, and 
that means my time here is 
done. Stay classy Sandwich 
High School, it ’s been real. 
Now, I’d like to finish up with a 
quote from our 43rd president. 
“Rarely is the question asked: is 
our children learning?” 

-George U . Bush 

John Cahill 

“Eventually all the pieces fall 
into place. I ntil then, laugh at 
the confusion, live for the 
moment and know that 
everything happens 
for a reason. ” 
Im so thankful for having my 
friends and family by my side 
through these four years. 

llhat would you do if I sang 
out of tune, would you stand 
up and walk out on me? Lend 
me your ear and I'll sing you a 
song and HI try not to sing out 
of key. 

1 may not have gone where 1 
intended to go, but I think I 
have ended up where 
1 needed to be. 

Allen Chace 

Spencer Cleary^ 


John Casali 

“}b/i must be the change you wish 
to see in I he ivorld. Gandhi 
/ want to thank my family for 
believing in me and motivating me 
throughout my high school years. 
Hbrds can't describe how much you 
guys mean to me, and thank you to 
my friends for always supporting me 
and making high school a 
memorable experience that I'll 
alway^s look back on. / would like to 
acknowledge Robert Fluke for 
always being there for me and 
motivating me to push myself to 
exceed in everything I do. } ou have 
taught me that hard work pays off 
and that anyone can accomplish 
anything with determination and 
pride. Thank you for believing in me 
and always making me smile. / am 
proud of the academic 
transformation that I've made these 
past four years, and / wouldn't have 
been able to do it if I didn't have the 
support and love from you all. 

Danielle Coleman 

Emma Colombo 

"One day your life will flash 
before your eyes. Make sure it 's 
worth watching. ” 
To my family, thank you for 
tolerating me. 1 couldn't ask for 
better role models and would 
be no where without your 

.And to my friends, I wouldn't 
have wanted to share so many 
laughs and memories with 
anyone else. To the TAC, I love 
you more than words. 

You guys rock. 

Keep it real Class of 2015 

Thank you Mom & Dad for the 
love & support all throughout 
high school, and to my sisters 
Sarah, Caroline, and Lauren 
for being the best sisters out 
there (No, they did not pay me 
to say this). My family has 
taught me so much about life 
and I am so thankful for that. 
Shout out to my' four best 
friends/ my four best “goonies” 
Shelley, Katie, Caroline, and 
Julia for making high school 
the most memorable times of 
my life. I chose a quote from my 
favorite movie. The Goonies. 
"Goonies never say die. ” / know 
for sure that the friendship / 
have with my friends, with my 
goonies. will never die. 

"You are a collective of every 
experience you have had in 
your life. You are every single 
second of every single day. So 
drown yourself in a sea of 
knowledge and existence. Let 
the words run through your 
veins and let the colors fill your 
mind until there is nothing left 
to do but explode. There are no 
wrong answers. Inspiration is 
everything. Sit back, relax, and 
take it all in. 

Now, go out and create 
something. ” 

Kylie Condosta 

Benjamin Cooney 

Its a magical world. 
Hobbes, ol buddy... 
Let 's go exploring! 

Brian Cundiff 

Matthew Dahl 

Marissa Danta 

Colin Deal 

It will take 
a nation of millions 
to hold me back 

Dominic DeLuca 

John DeCoste 

Dear Class of 2015. 
“Vou will put the wind in win 
some, lose some. You will put 
the star in starting over, and 
over. .And no matter how many 
land mines erupt in a minute, 
be sure your mind lands on the 
beauty of this funny place 
called life . " 
-Sarah Kay 
Thanks for all of the memories.' 

‘\My four years at Sandwich 
High School were some of the 
best years of m y life, from 
baseball games to golf matches, 
and multiple winter sports! I d 
like to thank my parents. Jim 
and Susanne. and my three 
brothers, especially Tom and 
Mike, for showing me that 
anything is possible. Ben. make 
the DeCoste family name a 
good one. Id like to thank my 
best friends Golden. Connor, 
Steve. Chris. Spencer, and 201-t 
graduates John and BearKat 
for making high school an 
awesome experience! 

"You wanna know which ring 
is my favorite? The ne.rt one. ” 

Emma Dempsey 

Good Morning 
Sandwich High School 
and Stem .Academy 

William Dimitres 

‘'How are we?” 

Donald Donahue 

Class of 20 15, 
“Be ihe change yon loant lo see 
in the world. ” 

It is time for us to part ways 
and tackle the next set of 
adventures that await us. 
Follow your dreams, step up to 
the challenge, accomplish your 
goals, and don ’t settle for 
anything less. Don V be 
ordinary, be extraordinary'. If e 
will be the next generation of 
leaders, innovators, and 
engineers. We have the power 
to change the world, and 
change it we will. 

Remember, .Adventure is out 

Daniel Donovan 

/ ivoLild like to thank SHS for 
four great years, but more 
importantly I want to thank my 
teachers, you pushed me to 
where lam now, and Im 
grateful for that. To the soccer 
team, thanks for an undefeated 
freshman year, and a new 
experience every year after 
that. You're niy brothers and 
that's all that matters, not the 
amount of applause we receive 
at a pep rally. Besides, we had 
a winning record ( 10-9-2) and 
we got that elusive state 
tournament appearance and 
then some in our final year, 
thank you. Looking forward to 
the alumni game. 

Benjamin Diefendorf 

“U anting lo be someone else is 
a waste of who you are. ” 
-Kurt Cobain 

Alexander Denmark 

“Every' particular in nature, a 
leaf, a drop, a crystal, a 
moment of time is related to the 
whole, and partakes of the 
perfection of the whole. ” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

He are who we are at the end 
of our lives, at our dying 
breath. Last thoughts, final 
memories. So tell me, 
who are y'ou? 

Patrick Donovan 

I would like to thank my' 
family, for their undying 
support in all of my endeavors, 
as well as Mrs. Simpson and 
Mr. McDonald, for being 
constant influences in my 
educational career. 

"U hen nothing seems to help, I 
go look at a stonecutter 
hammering away at his rock, 
perhaps a hundred times 
without as much as a crack 
showing in it. J et at the 
hundred and first blow it will 
split in two. and I know it was 
not that blow that did it. but all 
that had gone before. ” 

To Mom. Dad. Jesse. Josh. 
Jaimee. JP. Juju. Lar, Z. JS, 
Rach. and Dahl... .THANK 

"Uhenever Im sad. I stop being 
sad and be awesome instead. 

■Barney Stinson ” 

Joseph Downes 

~You Can Discover Everything 
You Need To Know .About 
Everything By Looking At Your 
Hands” - Jaden Smith 

.4 big Thank You to Mr. Franke, 
Mr. Coakley, and Ms. Cahill. 

And finally, “It doesn't take 
rocket appliances to get your 
grade 12” - 
Ricky from Trailer Park Boys 

Joseph Drifmeyer 

“We need to remember what's 
important in life: friends, 
waffles, work. Or waffles, 
friends, work. Doesn 't matter, 
but work is third. ” 

- Leslie Knope 

Katherine Dunham 

Katelyn Dyer 

If ell. here it is, senior year! I 
want to give a huge thank you 
to SHS varsity cheerleading. 
SC*! all star cheerleading, and 
Sandwich Soul show choir for 
serving as my second family 
these past -4 years. / most 
importantly would like to 
thank my Mom, Dad. little 
brother Jon. and Grandma for 
being here for me and for 
everything you've ever done for 
me. I love you with all of my 
heart and could not be more 
thankful for the life you have 
given me. Thank you! 

/ want to thank my teachers, 
classmates, and anyone else who 
was involved in helping me succeed 
throughout high school. More 
importantly. I want to thank my 
parents for raising me to be the 
person that / am. and having 
endless patience and love for me. 
Thank you to my sisters Meagan 
and Brittany for truly accepting me 
for who / am and always making 
me laugh. Thank you to my friends 
for being therefor me every' time / 
needed them and hacking me up on 
everyihing that I do. And last but 
certainly not least, my boyfriend 
Luke for being my be,st friend and 
someone / could talk to about 


Taylor Eccleston 

“Just like Pluto. 
Im back again. ” 
Me; / said this. 

Dana Evans 

Lydia Evans 

7 always knew looking back 
on the tears would make me 
laugh, but I never knew looking 
back on the laughs would make 
me cry. ” 

/ couldn't thank my friends 
enough for making these the 
most memorable four years of 
my life. Mom, Dad, Melissa and 
Maranda, thank you for 
holding my hand and leading 
me to where I needed to go; I 
couldn't have done it without 

Good luck class of 2015 - 
We did it! 

Kelley Fitzgerald 

Sophia Felicetti 

"'Read books. Care about things. 
Get ej;cited. Try- not to be too down 
on yourself. Enjoy the ever present 
game of knowing.” ~ Hank Green 

Jo my wonderful friends, thank you 
for making these years worth 
remembering. I couldn V have asked 
for a better bunch of nerds. To the 
teachers who challenged and 
inspired me, thank you for all your 
wisdom and support through the 
years. huge thank you to 

everyone involved in KJ'( \ without 
whom / may never have embraced 
my inner theater geek. And to my- 
amazing parents and family, thank 
you all .so much for being so 
incredible and believing in me from 
the .start. It s been a great run! 

So long S/fS, and thanks for the 

Michelle Fernald 

“7b accomplish great things, we 
must not only act. but also dream; 
not only plan, but also believe. - 
.Anatole France ” 

To my friends and family: My' 
gratitude is eternal. Your endless 
support and encouragement has 
given me the bravery to pursue my 
dreams and somewhat 
crazy aspirations. 

To the of 2015: 
Thank you for the countless laughs, 
lessons, and memories I'll find 
myself smiling at for many years 
from now. / hope nothing more than 
for each one of you to discover 
happiness wherever you find 
y'ourself .And if you are lost, try 
searching for the ocean and remind 
> ’o u r.self of h o m e. 
Congratulations, we made if! 

Kassandra Finlayson 

“If you are brave enough to say 
goodbye, life will reward you 
with a new hello. ” 
Thank you the most to my 
beautiful parents. lam so 
grateful for all you have done 
for me. Victoria and David, I 
love you both for being the 
people I look up to most in this 
world. My guardian angel- 
Grandpa, thank you for 
shining down and keeping me 
safe. I've missed you every' day. 

My Soul Mates: Brooke Katie 
Lydia Katelyn Marcelle Maddy 
and Kathryn-t here's no doubt 
in my mind we will be together 
on our wedding days. TAG- 1 
love you girls. I'll never forget 
the Class of 2015! 

I had the time of my life! 

“'The inner machinations oj my 
mind are an enigma” 
Season 2, Episode 35a 
“The Secret Bo.r”” 

Harrison Evans 

“”We keep moving forward, 
opening new doors, and doing 
new things, because were 
curious & curiosity keeps 
leading us down new paths ” 

-H alt Disney 

I will never forget all the 
laughter and memories I have 
shared with my amazing family 
members and best friends. 
Thank you to everyone who 
has made high school a time to 
remember. Now let's make our 
dreams come true! 

Congrats Class of 2015 

It has been a fast four years. 
My lore goes out to my family 
and the crew, you know who 
you are. These past four years. 
/ ve been being a kid as long as 
I could, and I don t regret 
arulhing that Ice done. Life is 
all about making mistakes; I 
have plenty more to make. 

These past four years have 
really flown by. I want to 
thank my friends for their help, 
support, and encouragement 
along the way. I will always 
have fond memories of my 
years at SHS 

Jake Flaherty 

Jennifer Fuhrman 

"Twenty years from now, you 
will be more disappointed by 
the things that you didn 't do 
than by the ones you did do. 

So throw off the bowlines. 

Sail away from the safe 
harbor. Catch the trade winds 
in your sails. 

Explore. Dream. Discover. ” 

Sarah Gaffney 

Michael Fulton 

High school is not a metaphor, 
but if it was it would be a 
foxhole. One filled with more 
sarcasm, embarrassment, tears, 
and jokes than one girl could 
possibly remember. I told 
myself I wouldn V rattle off 
some of those names and 
memories, but / also told myself 
that wearing a sweatshirt every 
day of freshman year was a 
good idea. To my friends who 
became my family: all lean say 
is thank you. Ilith yoti guys / 
learned that / may not be the 
best navigator, but I am a good 
DJ. ! have had a great time 
being each other's punchlines. 
Hell, it's been real SHS, too 
real, so I'll see you around. 

Julia Gagnon 

I would not have passed high 
school if it were not for my 
friends. .All of them. 

".And someday soon my friend, 
this ride will come to an end. 
But we can't just get in line 
again. " 

Jordan Foster 

“/ think that the power is the 
principle. The principle of 
J moving fonvard. as though you 
have the confidence to move 
forward, eventually gives you 
confidence when you look back 
and see what you've done. ” - 
Robert Downey, Jr 

Lucas Gagnon 

‘'The Road to Success is Always 
Under Construction. ” 
- .Arnold Palmer 

Thank you to my friends and 
teammates for making these 
past four years memorable. 
/ want to thank my family for 
their love and support. 
I couldn't have done this 
without you. 

Stephen Galanis 

Delaney Gill 

“She's the places that she has a 
desire to visit. She's the pieces of 
quotes that are splattered in 
ink in her favorite books. She's 
the road trips she hopes to go 
on. She's the beautiful 
characters that mesmerized her 
in her favorite books. She's full 
of dreams, and I hope one day 
they come true. ” (A.E) 
I'd like to thank my friends 
and family for the tremendous 
amount of support they had for 
me. Also, to my' grandmother; 
our gypsy hearts were never 
meant to stay in one place. 

“I was born very far from 
where I'm suppose to be. 

So, I guess I'm on my way 
home. ” 

Hayley Glidden 

You need to see that life is not 
always perfect, li e will not 
always get what we want. And 
though it hurts a lot, what 
should've happened, happened. 

If ho should've left, left, ar;d 
whatever's thrown you off 
course will always bring you to 
where it is you need to be. 

"There are some people in life 
that make you laugh a little 
louder, smile a little bigger, and 
live just a little bit better. ” I will 
never forget all the memories I 
have of high school. 
Thank you to all my friends 
and fanuly for (dl the laughs 
throughout the years. To my 
parents, thank you for always 
being there for me, no matter 
what. John artd Paulie, you 
two drive me crazy, hut we 
have the greatest times together 
and I don t knoiv what I would 
do without the two of you. I am 
.surrounded by people who can 
put a smile on my face, and for 
that I am grateful. 

Alexandria Glynn 

“And I thought: All those little 
kids are going to grow up 
someday. And all little 
kids are going to do the things 
that we do. .And they will all 
kiss .someone someday. Rut for 
now, sledding is enough. I 
think it would be great if 
sledding were always enough. ” 
- Perks of Being a If alljloiver 

Kternally grateful jor my 
.soulmates who got me here In 
one piece (dl the way 
from third grade. 
“Have a good one. ” - Tori Lee 

Marcelle Goldberg 

“Xostalgid is truly one of the 
great human weaknesses... 
second only to the neck. ” - 
Du'ight K. Schrute 

I would like to thank all of my 
friends and family for all the 
love and support I have 
received all throughout my 
high school years 

Jacob Golden 

Don 't let people push you 
around, urdess you're in a 
wagon, cause that could be 

Alexander Govoni 

Lacrosse / Hockey / 
Being Handsome 

“Is Mayonnaise an 
- Patrick Star 

Zachary Gorrasi 


“U e keep moving forward, 
opening new doors, and doing 
new things, because were 
curious, and curiosity keeps 
leading us down new paths. ” 

- H alt Disney 

Katelyn Govoni 

'"Can I sail through the changing 
ocean tides? Can I handle the 
seasons of my life?'^ 
Id like to say a big thank you to my 
friends, because without them Id 
have a lot more sleep but would not 
have such an amazing memory of 
high school. Id also like to thank 
my parents who are always there for 
me, and have helped me become the 
person I am today. Also, my 
volleyball team, the best group of 
people I've ever met; Irn sincerely 
happy we played on the first 
Sandwich team together. Irn 
grateful for all the adventures I've 
had at SHS, and I can 't wait for our 
10 year reunion and see who is the 
most famous. Congrats to everyone! 
"Time makes you bolder, even 
children get older, 
and Im getting older too. '' 


Megan Greenhalgh 

Good luck to the class of 2015. 
Thank you to Mom. Sarah. 
Daddy. Pop, Matt, 
and .Ms. Driscoll. 

John Griffin 

The difference between the 
impossible and the possible 
es in a person s determination. 

- Tommy Lasorda 

Patrick Griffin 

“Stay far from timid, only make 
moves when your heart 's in it 
and live the phrase 
sky's the limit ” 
-Christopher ll allace ( Biggie ) 

Brett Grosso 

“So be sure when you step. Step 
with care and great tact. 

And remember that life's 
A Great Balancing .Act. 

And will you succeed? Yes! You 
will, indeed!” 

-Dr. Seuss 

Mackenzie Hagist 

Sophia Hannah 

“If hen you want to succeed as 
bad as you wanna breathe 
then you will be successful” 
-Eric Thomas 

Christopher Hamilton, Jr 

The support I have received from my 
family throughout the years has 
been unreal, and brought me to 
where I stand today. 
Kate, Kathrym. Katie, Lydia, Lydia, 
Marcelle and Maddy; you girls are 
the truest most amazing friends, 
and I rouldn t be happier to have 
traveled this beautiful journey with 
you all. The lessons learned, 
friendships and memories made 
are indescribable and most 
certainly unforgettable. 
Taking risks and believing in 
y'ourself are the most important 
lessons fve learned and come to 
follow in my high school years. Hest 
of wishes to you all. thank you for 
making .'iuch an unforgettable 
IIS experience. 

Brooke Hanson 

"The path we walk is made as 
we go on ” 

Logan Haygood 

Jacob Healy 

James Hemingway 

William Herndon 

"Everyone should believe in 
something; I believe I'll go 
fishing. ” 

-Henry David Thoreau 

“Finish each day and be done 
with it. }ou have done what 
you could. Some blunders and 
absurdities no doubt crept in; 
forget them as soon as you can. 

Tomorrow is a new day. You 
.shall begin it serenely and with 
too high a spirit to be 
encumbered with 
your old nonsense. ” 
- Ralf>h llaldo Emerson 


Alicia Heyer 

"For what its worth: its never 
too late to he whoever you want 
to be’’ 

-F. Scott Fitzgerald 

These fleeting four years have 
shaped me into who I am 
today. My- accomplishments 
would not have been possible 
without the unconditional 
support of my' family and 
friends. Thank you for making 
high school so memorable. 

Cedar Hickey 

/ would like to thank my mom, 
dad. and Boomer for being my 
rock and my number one fans 
my entire life. I love you guys! 

Thank you to my Twin .Acre.s 
crew, field hockey, and ice 
hockey teams, for making my 
high school experience an 
unforgettable one. I would not 
have been able to survive these 
past four years without my 
amazing friends, teachers, and 
mentors. Thanks for being my 
guardian angel 16, 
/ miss you every day. 
Congratulations Class of 2015, 
make your dreams come true. 

Allison Hir 

Carly Hokanson 

"'But yesterday's gone we gotta keep 
moving on. Im so thankful for the 
moments so glad I got to know ya. 
The times that we had I'll keep like 
a photograph. And hold you in my 
heart forever. Ill always remember 

Thank you mom and dad for 
always allowing me to follow my 
dreams and supporting me through 
it all. To my volleyball team thank 
you for the best 3 years of my life, I 
will never forget all the amazing 
bonds and memories we have made 
and I cant wait for you guys to take 
the win from .VDA. Lastly thank 
yx>u to my' friends for the countless 
memories and laughs that will be 
with me for a life time. 
Congratulations class of 2015. and 
good luck 

^'It 5 the oldest story in the 
world. One day you fe 
seventeen and planning for 
someday. And then quietly and 
without you ever really 
noticing, someday' is today. 
Then someday is yesterday. 

And this is your life. ” 
Mom and Dad. I can't thank 
you enough for everything you 
do for me and for always 
encouraging me to believe in 
myself and follow my dreams. 
Kyiie; for understanding me 
better then anyone else. And to 
anyone who has made me smile 
over the past four years, thank 
you. I wouldn 7 be who I am 
today without y'ou. 

Brittany Hogan 

April Hughes 

“Memory is a way of holding 
onto the things you love, the 
things you are. the things you 
never want to lose” 

Thank you to rny entire family. 
Mum, Dad, . {nna, Jack, Maria. 

Thomas. Gram. Sana. 
Grammy and Papa for (dl your 
love and support! To the 
friends and teammates with 
whom / share memories that 
will last forever! To my coaches, 
teachers, and mentors u'ho 
have taught me le.ssons that / 
will carry with me. }ou htwe all 
helped shape me into the 
person I am today. 
Congratulations of 20 1.5. 

don 't just fly -SOAB! 

“Ignoring your passion is slow 
suicide. Never ignore what your 
heart pumps for. Mold your 
career around your lifestyle. 

not yo ur I ifesty •/ e 
around your career. ’ 
Thank you to everyone who 
has helped me become the 
person I am today. 

Katherine Hurley 

Heather Hiiska 

Soblem Prolved! 

Kyle Jacob 

''Ability is what you 're capable 
of doing. Motivation determines 
what you do. 
Attitude determines 
how well you do it. ” 
- Lou Holtz 

Ryan Jamilowski 

Christopher Jones 

Brady Joseph 

"How lucky am I to have something 
that makes saying goodbye so 
hard.” -IVinnie The Pooh 
/ didn t believe the seniors when 
they' told me that each year of high 
school goes by' faster and faster. But 
before / knew it / was a senior. / 
couldn 't have done it without my 
family. Thank you to my Mom. Dad. 
and .\’ick for always being there for 
me. High school would not have 
been the same without not just my 
Best friends, my soulmates- 
Marcelle. Lyd. Katie. Brooke. 
Katelyn. Kathryn, and Lyd E. .h* 
well as my best friend since the Oak 
Ridge days. Stef. / will never forget 
the countless memories I've shared 
with each of you. "Behind you all 
your memories, before you ally'our 
dreams, around you all who love 
you, within you all you need.” 
Congrats class of 2015. we did it! 

Madison Kais 

"T hope you live a life you re 
proud of. Ify'ou find that you 
are not. I hope you have the 
strength to start 
all over again. 

I would like to thank my family for 
always encouraging me to believe in 
m yself and to follow my dreams. / 
wouldnt be who lam today without 
your never ending support. Mom: 
thank you for being my rock and 
the strongest person I know, id be 
lost without y'our positive light in my 
life. Patrick: Im so proud to call y'ou 
my big brother. Thank you for 
always being there for me. You have 
amazing things ahead of you. To 
my dad: thank y'ou for being my 
hero 6i giving me strength every day'. 
/ know yxfu're watching over me. / 
loveyou forever, and miss you 
always. "She believed she could. 

so she did. " 

Shannon Kane 


"There are moments in our lives 
where we find ourselves at a 
crossroads. Afraid and scared, 
vithout a road map. The choices we 
make in those moments can define 
he rest of our lives. Of course, when 
facing the unknown, most of us 
prefer to go back in time. ” 
To my crazy family, thanks for 
always being by my side 6: for 
shaping me into the person / am. 
"Life's all about moments, oj impact 
and how they change our lives 
forever. ” Finally, I want to thank 
my amazing friends who got me 
through every cry with a laugh. / 
love you all more than I could 
describe. You and the memories will 
forever be so close to my heart. 
Shout out to the fab 4, SS, & TAC. 

Love my squad forever. “It's 
something unpredictable, but in the 
•nd is right, I hope you had the time 
of your life. ” Class of 2015, IVE 
MADE IT! Keep it classy my ninjas. 

Haley Kardon 

“Growing apart doesn’t change 
the fact that for a long time we 
grew side by side; our roots will 
always be tangled. I’m glad for 
that. ” 

Good luck to the class of 2015, 
and enjoy the rest of your lives 
wherever you may end up. To 
all my dearest friends, I can ’t 
thank you enough for keeping 
my feet on the ground and 
giving me the best memories of 
my life. They will stay with me 

Kathryn Karolczak 

“There is no flying without 
wings ” 

Id like to thank my family, 
friends, and everyone else who 
has supported me throughout 
the past Jour years. Best of luck 
to everyone! 

Kenneth Kaufmann 

“People may not remember 
exactly what you did, or what 
you said, but they ivill always 
remember how you made them 
feel. ’’Good luck in all you do 
Class of 20 15, 
thanks to my pops zkay from 
6A, my squad and to all who 
made my 4 years special. 
“For the love of the green, and 
the love of the team, put 
together a circle that couldn’t 
come in between. ” 

Dylan Kay 

/ believe in pink. I believe laughing 
is the best calorie burner. / believe 
■ in being strong when everjihing 
seem.s to be going wrong. / believe 
that happy girls are the prettiest 
girls. / believe that tomorrow is 
another day. And / believe in 
miracles. ” ~ Audrey Hepburn 

So this is it. The “best four 
years of our lives” are over, but 
the future is bright and the 
^possibilities are endless. Thank 
you to all of the amazing 
people Ive met, you’ve put up 
j with me through 
hours in the chorus room for 
>KI'C and Sandwich Soul. I love 
you all; remember “.Adventure 
is out there!” ~ Charles Muntz, 

Caroline Keil 

.Always Stride And Prosper 

Sebastian Khoroshev 

"H ell. Ire been afraid of 
changing cause Ire built my 
life around you. 
But time makes you bolder, 
eren children get older, 
and / m getting older too. 

Cullen Kilduff 

Matthew Ladner 

/ would like to thank my art 
teachers. Mrs. Simpson and Mr. 

Rigazio , and my family, for 
supporting me during my' years 
at SHS. 

"The world is but a canras to 
our imagination. ” 
-Henry David Thoreau 

Olivia Klinck 

Rachel Lake 

“So on and on 1 go, the seconds 
tick the time out. so much left 
to know, and Im on the road 
to find out^ 

My time spent at SHS has 
molded me into who lam and 
prepared me for where / am 
going. Thank you to my mom. 
dad. and Sarah, for always 
having my back and 
supporting whatever decision I 
made. .A special thanks to Allie, 
Pat. Kasey. Becca, Bella. Stef 
and Joey for being the best 
friends I could ever wish for. 
.Although high school is just a 
stop on the way to where Im 
going, the memories I have 
made will last me a lifetime. 

So long SHS. 

“Have you never wanted to do 
anylhing that was dangerous? 
H here should we be if no one 
tried to find out 
what lies beyond? 
Have your never wonted to look 
beyond the clouds and the 
stars, or to know what causes 
the trees to bud? .And what 
changes the darkness 
into light? 

But if you talk like that, people 
call you crazy. H ell, if I could 
discover just one of these 
things, what eternity is. jor 
example. I wouldn t care if they 
did think I was crazy. ” 
-Henry Frankenstein. 

( 1931 ) 


Anthony Lambros 

"'The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty of 
their dreams ” 
-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Vherever the future takes me III 
never forget the memories I 
made here. Thank you to those 
in my life who have helped me 
ret to where lam today. Thank 
rou .Mom and Dad for believing 
in me and my dreams just as 
much as I do. Thank you to my 
friends for never letting a 
moment go by without laughter 
and smiles. Finally, to Matt, 
hank you for making the last 6 
years a time III never forget, 
and for being my best friend 
through it all. Good luck to the 
Class of 2015! 

Jessica Langley 

"Here's to the nights I'll always 
remember with the friends 
I'll never forget. ” 
Friends, thank you for the high 
school memories that will stay 
with me forever. 
Mom and Dad. thank you for 
all the encouragement and 
support throughout the years. 
Finally, thank you to my crazy 
Jamily who I can always count 
on to bring a smile to my face. 

Kendra Lansing 

Victoria Leonard 

"I always knew that looking 
back on us cry would make me 
laugh, but I never thought that 
looking back on us laugh 
would make me cry. ” 

To my family, thank you for 
everything. I would be no 
where without you guys and 
your support. To my cheer 
babies, lam so proud of you 
girls, thank you for the endless 
Friday night memories. Lastly, 
I want to thank the Fab Four, 
Sexy Six and TAG for the best 
four years of my life. I couldnt 
have asked for more amazing 
friends, and I wish you all the 
best in your years to come. 
Keep it real. 

Abigail LeVangie 

"Long live the walls we crashed 
through I had the time of my life 
with you. ” -Taylor Swift 

Dear past, thanks for all the 

Thank you for blessing me with the 
best twin sister 
anyone could imagine. 
Thank you for helping me put up 
with the craziest bunch 
of best friends ever. 
Thank you for heavily addicting my 
body to coffee. 
.And thank you for showing me what 
3am looks like the night before 
finals. It's been a crazy' journey. 

Dear future. 
I can 't wait to share a walker in TO 
years on my daily stroll with 

, To my number one for being 
my rock, the only person Ive 
never been more than 2-t hours 
without, and the only person 
Ive ever physically fought with 
and laughed about it 2 minutes 
later, thank you Abby for being 
my other half. And a cliche 
thank you to all my friends for 
making my' high school 
experience an unforgettable 
memory, and to my family for 
pu.shing me so hard to get me to 
where I am today. .Also a 
shoutout to high school soccer 
for helping me become a great 
athlete, and to the 
number of referees who had no 
idea what ivas going on. 

I II it all. 

Maggie LeVangie 

“When you pull on that jersey 
you represent yourself 
and your teammates. 
And the name on the front is a 
heck of a lot more important 
than the one on the back. ” 

Matthew Long 

“If hat lies before us and what 
lies behind us are small matters 
compared to what lies within 
us. .And when you bring what is 
within out into the world, 
miracles happen. ” -Henry 
David Thoreau 

Congratulations Class of 20 1,5- 
I cant wait to see where the 
future takes us! 

Thank you to my incredible 
best friends for making each of 
the last l,-f60 days a little 
brighter, I love you all. To my 
parents- thank you for being 
my #y fans; / hope Ive made 
you proud. 

Now, onwards and upwards! 

Colleen Macdonald 

"iriien Im sad, I stop being sad 
and be awesome instead' - 
Barney Stinson (HIM) M) 

Thank you to my mom and 
dad for ahvays supporting me 
through all of my decisions. To 
my volleyball team for all the 
laughs and smiles we shared, 
thank you for becoming my 
second family and I cannot 
wait to see the future of 
Sandwich volleyball. Thank 
you to my beyond amazing 
friends for absolutely 
everything you all do for me. 
There aren t any words to 
describe how much you all 
mean to me. 
To my dog, who is 
better than you. 

Emily MacDonald 

Angela Lorino 

"Time IS making fools of us 


-.Albus Dumbledore 

.Although our time here is 
ending. I am so grateful for the 
years we spent together. Thank 
you to anyone who has ever 
brought a smile to my face. 
Good luck. Class of 201,5. 

Orna Lynch 

To my future bridesmaids- 
Marcelle. Ly'dia R, Tara. 
Sophia. Tory, .Alex. Brooke, 
.Annie. Stef, Kate, Maddy, 
Lydia E. and Kathrym, you've 
made me who I am, and I will 
never forget all the laughs and 
memories we've shared. Jen, 
.Alex, and Sarah, thank you for 
being the best siblings ever, I 
don't know what I would do 
without you. To my hockey 
girls, thanks for making winters 
on Cape Cod more enjoy'able. 
Good luck to the kids I have 
watched grow up; 
I will missy'ou all! 

“.Always remember to be 
yourself, unless you suck, then 
pretend to be someone else ” 

Katherine Lowry 

The bad news is timejlies. The 
good news is you ’re the pilot. 

Alexander Maiato 

Many thanks to rny amazing 
parents for all of their love, 
support and guidance. 

I also want to thank my 
teammates, friends, teachers, 
and coaches for helping me 
become who I am today. If e ve 
made some great memories 
along the way- 
Good luck Class of 2015! 

“As you walk down the fairway 
of life you must smell the roses, 
for you only get to play one 
round”. Ben Hogan 

) Connor Mangelson 

“Hey you, don t tell me there's 
no hope at all, together we 
stand, divided we fall. ” 
- Pink Floyd. 
Hey You 

“f should ve checked myself 
guy who wrecked himself” 

Daniel McAuliffe 

Isn t it funny how day by day 
nothing changes, 
but when you look back 
everyihing is different... ” 
- C.S. Lewis 

Bailey Maiato 

There are no happy endings. 
Endings are the saddest part. 
So just give me a happy middle 
.And a very happy' .start. 
-Shel Silverstein 

Nicole Martin 

Sean McBain 

"I figure lifes o gift and I don I 
intend on wasting it. " 
-Jack Dawson. Titanic 

Tl}ai}k you to rny loving family 
Jor supporting me through 
cveryihing. ivonderful friends 
for ahvays being therefor me. 
and anyone who has ever 
made me smile. 

I hope each and everyone of 
you treat life as the gift it is and 
make it worthwhile. 

Kylie McCartney 

Much like a package of cookie 
dough that warns ‘‘do not 
consume raw dough, ’’you will 
encounter people in your life 
who will try to keep you from 
doing what you wish to 
accomplish. .Vo matter what 
they say or do, be a go-getter. 

Eat the dough. Follow your 

Thank you to my' family, 
friends, and teachers, for 
encouraging me and allowing 
me to succeed throughout high 
school. H ithout your guidance. 
1 would not be who I am today- 
a person of whom lean humbly 
say I am very proud. 

Shaun McCoy 

Tara McElhinney 

Mom. Dad. Shannon. Nicole, 
and Ashley- 

! cannot thank you enough for 
the unconditional love and 
support. So much love to my 
other sisters Soph. Alex, KTbug. 
and .Anniesbelly- thanks for 
being my day ones and heres to 
thousands of days together in 
our future. 

“Go into the world and do well. 
But more importantly, go into 
the world and do good. ” 

-Minor Myers Jr 
Congrats class of 2k 1.5: 

I expect great things. 

Elizabeth McEntee 

I A'i 

: ; "The greatest gift of life is ! 

friendship, and / have received 
ft it. ’’ Thank you .Mom. Dad. 

' Mari-Kate Peter. Chris. Laurie,^ 
^ .Anna. TJ, .Michael. Connor, ' 

; and friends, for everything. I 
couldn t have been blessed with ^ 
a more amazing and 
supportive group of people. 

Best wishes class of 2015. 
you ve truly made my high 
school years memorable f 

“There s a lot of beauty in 
ordinary things. 
Isnt that kind of the point?” 

-Pam Beasley 

Mom. Dad. .Matt, and Katie. 

I love you guys. 
Thank you to my friends for 
laughing with me and letting 
me be my'self. I cannot think of 
a better way to have .spent my 
childhood. I am so grateful. 

Good luck out there of 20 15 


Caroline McKenna 

“Always do what is right. It will 
gratify half of mankind 
and astound the other. " 
Mark Twain 

Tyler McMahon 

Braddon Miele 

Charles Miller 

Timothy Milliken 

“So you were born, and that was a 
good day 

Someday youll die, and that is a 

But somewhere in the between was 
a life of which we all dream. 

And nothing and no one will ever 
take that away. ” 

Thank you to all my friends, my 
family, and anyone that has ever 
made any impact on my life. 

The future is yours, be as happy as 
you can be. 

Adam Monast 

Justin Morrison, Jr 

/ want to thank all my friends 
and family' for helping me get 
through these last -t years of 
high school. Sandwich High 
School really taught me some 
valuable things such as: 
Friendship, Unity. Creativity. 
Kindness. Youth. Optimism, 
and Understanding. It has 
been Fantastic, Awe.some. 
Knowledgeable & Fxemplary. 
Now, I will leave you with .some 
words of wisdom: 
Keef) your dreams alive and hit 
the snooze button. 

Shannon Mosher 

" 1 / the end of the doy. you re 
responsible for yourself and 
\-our actions and thals all \x>u 
can control. So rather than be 
frustrated with what you can't 
control, tn' to fix 
the things you can. ’ 
-fiecin Garnett 

"The game isn t over till the 
clock says zero. ” 
d^aul Pierce 

Brian Murphy 

“Beauty is letting yourself live ” 

- Emma Watson 's UN Speech 

So this is the end. but a 
beautiful, amazing beginning. 
My time here is done, and I am 
off to university, and will soon 
be exploring the world. Thank 
you to all the special friends I've 
made who helped me through 
high school. Thank you to my 
family for continuously 
supporting me and my dreams. 
Ta grd agarn duit. Thats 
Gaelic for “/ love you 
Congrats class of 201.5! 

Laura Murphy 

Well, it wasn't ffogivarts, 
but these four years were magical. 

My thank-you 5 are many. First, 
mom tSc dad for giving me nothing 
but love and support for the past 18 
years. My brother. Patrick, for 
cheering me up and making me 
laugh whenever / needed it most. 
My best friends: Erin, Shelley, Car, 
Brendan. Cedar, John, Julia, and 
Carly, I can t wait to see where the 
future takes us. My second family, 
the Cahills for treating me as one of 
your children. My mentors; Ms. 
Lyons, Ms. Dunham. Ms. Duffy. <fc 
Ms. McDonald for guiding me to 
work to the best of my ability. My 
fellow class officers; we make a 
great team. To quote America's 
sweethearts Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre. 
‘Fm ready for the nejct episode. " 

Caroline Murphy 

Matthew Murphy 

Success is the ability to go from 
one failure to another with no 
loss of enthusiasm. 

- Winston Churchil 

To my friends and malevolent 
enemies: though I've only 
known some of you for four 
years, thats 2S in dog years, so 
its actually been a lot longer. 

} ou ’re incredible. Dear parents, 
thanks for being brilliant, and 
for not getting me a pony. He 
don't have the square footage to 
accommodate a horse. I realize 
that now. Olivia; thanks for 
keeping me sane. To my 
teachers. I apologize if I fell 
asleep in your class. It shows 
how comfortable I was in your 
presence. .Also, I keep track of 
the people who have .stolen my 
pens. I know who you are. lam 
expecting to be reimbursed via 
PayPal by fall. 201.5. 


Sabrina Nelson 

"Do not go where the path may' 
lead, go instead where there is 
no path and leave a trail. ” - 
Ralph Udldo Emerson 

Alisson Nolan 

Henry O'Brien IV 

Katelyn Noyes 

Cole O'Brien 

Big thanks to all the teachers 
who helped me get to where 1 
am today. Thanks to Mr 
Coakley, for caring. 

Joanna O'Gorman 

I'm glad we had the times 
together just to laugh and sing 
a song, seems like we just got 
started and then before you 
know it, the times we had 
together were gone. 

Dr. Seuss 

“To be Great is to be 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Madison Oakley 

“Count your blessings, 
not your problems. ” 
Thank you to my parents for 
always believing in me, and to 
my friends for making these 
past four years so memorable. 

Jacob Olsen 

Rachel Pentoney 

Rachel Perras 

The truest potential flares in 
the darkest of times, 
just ask history. 

“/ always knew looking back 
on the tears would make me 
laugh. But I never knew 
looking back on the laughs 
would make me cr^’. 

Thank you Mom and Dad. for 
everything. Your support, y our 
help, and of course your 
patience. I love you so much. 
Thank you to my volleyball 
team for giving me the most 
amazing and unforgettable 
memories. Thank you to my 
friends, for all the laughs, the 
sleepless nights, and the 
adventures. Its been an 
incredible journey. 

I ll miss you all. 
Congratulations and best of 
luck to the Class of 2015! 

''Pick the day. Enjoy it - to the 
hilt. The day as it comes. 
People as they come... The 
past. I think, has helped me 
appreciate the present - and I 
don't want to spoil any of it by 
fretting about the future. 
.Audrey Hepburn 

Thank you to all my friends 
and family, and 
Thank you class of 2015 
for giving me a great four 
years, (load luck! 

"You get a strange feeling when 
you 're about to leave a place. 
you ‘ll not only miss the people you 
love, but you'll miss the person you 
are now at this time and in this 
place, because you 'll never be this 
way ever again. " 

.A special thank you to all of my 
friends, for the memories we've 
shared. Meghan and Rachel, you 
have both been amazing friends 
and I hope to have you in my life for 
a very long time. To my mom. thank 
you for not only being a wonderful 
mother, but for being the greatest 
best friend I could ever ask for. If it 
weren V for you pushing me all of 
these years. / would not be the 
person I am today. Also, thank you 
to one of my favorite teachers. Mr. 
Lehane. for always believing in me. 

even when I didn V believe 

in myself. 

Alexandra Pace 

Allison Pannoni 

These past four years have 
been the most challenging, yet 
best years of my life. Thank you 
to my mom. dad. and Sarah for 
believing in me and inspiring 
me to be my greatest. To my 
best friends, who I couldn't 
imagine high school without.i 
thanks for accompanying me 
on pointless adventures, sitting 
in the beach parking lot, while 
listening to music and talking 
about life. Remember, laughter 
is key ! . 

"Always pray to have eyes that see 
the best in people, a heart that 
forgives the worst, a mind that 
forgets the bad. and a soul that 
never loses faith in God." -Cnknown 


Thomas Perron 

Daniel Perry 

“Lii’e in the lead, but work like 
you're trying to catch up. ” 

I want first to thank my Mom 
and Dad, for helping me 
through these four years. 
And also thank you to my 
friends. You guys have been 
the best and Petey's really 
gonna miss ya. Thanks for the 
memories III never forget. 


Matthew Peterson 

: Victoria Petipas 

“All our dreams can come true, 
if we have the courage to 
pursue them. ” 
-Walt Disney 

I'd like thank rny' mom and 
dad. close friends, as well as 
Kenny' for the endless support 
throughout the past four years. 
These years wouldn 't have been 
the same without the summer 
bonfires on sandy and the late 
night spontaneous trips. 
Id like to wish the class of 
2015 the best of luck! 

The roof is not my son, but I 
will raise it. 

John Petty III 

“How lucky / am to have 
something that makes saying 
goodbye so hard. ” 
- (finnie the Pooh 

Congrats Class of 201.5! I wish 
\everyone the best of luck in the 
years to come. Thank you to 
ny parents and my sister Carly 
for always believing in me and 
hank you to my best friends for 
the unforgettable memories. / 
can t wait to see where the 
future takes us! 

Casev Powell 

Kelsey Pozerski 

High school has gicen me so 
much to be grateful for. To my 
family. I love you and thank 
you so much for your support 
these past IS years. To my 
friends, thank you for 
becoming my second family 
and sharing .so maty great 
memories with me over the 
years. From Latin class to 
prom, to many bonfires, we 
have had some pretty cool times 
together over the years, and I 
will keep these memories close 
to nn- heart no matter where 
life brings me. Good luck class 
of 2015, / know we can do 
great things. "Maybe it s sad 
that these are now memories. 

.And maybe it's not sad. ” 
-Stephen Chbosky 

Megan Reardon 

"Faith is being sure 
of what we hope for 
and certain 
of what we do not see. ” 

Scott Reels, Jr 

Every year since pre k. you re 
(dways used to moving to the 
next step, the next grade, and 
then eventually a new school. 
Abi/ go through obstacles to get 
to the next step. .Noiv. 
graduating from high school. 

we have to find out 
what that step is. 

"Don 't cry' because it s over 
smile because it happened. ” 
Shouts to my family for always 
being there, no matter how 
many poor decisions I made, 
and picking me back up when I 
was at my lowest points ifc to 
my amazing friends: it s been a 
long -t years but guess what- 
it s 201.5. and we made it. 

Olivia Reilly 

Lydia Rose 

"The stars above remind me that 
there is more out there, that maybe 
this town has done its job in 
watching me as I grow up. But 
maybe it s time for me to move on, 
to get out and experience what else 
this life holds . " 

Thank you to everyone who has 
shaped me into the hot mess / am 
today. Dad. mom and Madeline, 
you guys are my rock. Kathryn. 
Brooke. Katelyri. Marcelle. Madi, 
lAxiia and Katie: You are the reaso 
I made it through every single 
awkward stage / went through anc 
/ have been incredibly blessed to 
share unforgettable moments with 
y‘ou guys. The memories / have 
made in this little town especially 
my‘ fathers basement and 56 
Greenville, will be in my heart 
forever. Live on people. / will miss 
yx>u all dearly'. 

'Wow I know why Peter Pan never 
wanted to grow up. " In Sth grade 
people told me "You won't have the 
same friends in high .school as you 
did in elementary school. ^ Its my 
senior year and I still have the same 
best friends as / did in 1st grade. 

Lydia, Marcelle. Brooke. Katie. 

Lydia E, Kathryn K Maddy I 
honestly would not want any other 
people to create a childhood of a life 
time with. Thank you Greg for the 
memories good 6c bad and many 
more to come. I wouldn V have won 
best dressed in Sth grade without 
the help of Sheila. Lastly thank you 
mom for packing my lunch every 
morning. Peace class of 20 1.5 its 
been solid, p.s the girl to my left is 
my best friend 

There is nothing inspirational 
here. Co on the Internet. 


Katelyn Ross 

Preston Rowe 

Keelon Santos 

Genevieve Santn 

1 would like to thank my 
friends, family and my teachers 
for all of their support 
throughout these last 
four years. 

Hope Salamone 

“Although time seems to fly, it 
never travels faster than one 
day at a time. Each day is a 
new opportunity to live your life 
to the fullest. Do not let your 
today be stolen by the 
unchangeable past or the 
indefinite future. ” 
-Steve Maraboli 

“Families is where our nation 
finds hope, where wings take 
dream ” 

- George If '. Bush 

“It s the oldest story' in the 
vorld: one day', you ’re 17 and 
you ’re planning for someday 
jnd then quietly, without you 
er really noticing, someday is 
today and then someday is 
sterday, and this is your life. ” 

d like to give a special thanks 
'o Edward, my family, friends 
nd the riug. I wouldn V be the 
rson I am today without your 
love and support these last 4 
years. I love you guys 

Hannah Salamone 

Jack Salters 

Lilli Santos 

''Life is not measured 
by the breaths we take, 
but by the moments 
that take our breath away. ” 

Riley Sorenson 

Samantha Spink 

Jesse Satkevich 

Zachary Souza 

William Stergis 

"Two roads diverged in a wood, 
and I- 1 took the one less 
traveled by, 

.‘\nd that has made all the 
difference. ” 

~ Robert Frost 


"Never let the fear of striking 
out keep you from playing the 
game. ” 

~ Babe Ruth 

Thank you .Mom. Dad. Calie. 
Charlie, and Catherine Jane 
Dennis. I love you all. 

Jamie Smith 

One thousand four hundred 
d sixty days later graduation 
is moments away. From the 
alls oflfing to my last day at 
SHS, / would not change a 
single moment. Thank you to 
my family for all the love and 
support, thank you to the fab 
four for all the summer 
tmories, Christina for making 
the school year bearable. 

Officer Cabral and Ms. 
rrimour for the guidance, Jon 
or teaching me life skills, and 
ankyou to Abbyfor standing 
by my side for all four years. / 
wouldn't have survived high 
:hool without my whole class, 
love you all and wish you all 
the best of luck. 

I lie made it. Class of 2015. 

Philecia Strauss 


Patrick Sullivan 

Thanks to my' Mom. Dad, 
and all my friends... For 
making this high school 
experience legen -wait for it- 

Christopher Sullivan 

Grace Tanguilig 

There are 4 reasons I survived 
high school: 

My family putting me on the 
right path. 

My teammates putting me on 
their shoulders^ 

My teachers putting me on the 

And my friends putting up with 

Thanks y all for helping me 
make it out alive. 

Congrats SMS Class of 2015 

Live, make mistakes, be yourself 
and never second guess who you 
re, where you have been, or where 
you are going. Jump at every 
pportunity you gel. and don t rush 
through life, 
f cant thank my family enough for 
everyihing they have ever done for 
me. / love you so much mom. dad, 
’■.ric cV: Kyle, ff 'e may not have it all 
igrther. but together we have it all. 
r/irvi there are my‘ best friends who 
/ wouldnt be able to live without. 
You re all the reason I get up every 
morning. I don t know what Im 
oing to do without y'ou guys by my 
dde in college, but all / can say' is / 
love you with all my heart and / 
tnt thank you enough for the most 
amazing memories that / will hold 
onto for forever. 

'Tt‘s Colombia not Columbia. ” 

Angie Tellez 

Morgan Taylor 

Andrew Thomas 

“A little hockey tape can fix 
Thank you to my parents, my 
brother, and all my family for 
the support and 
encouragement through these 
few short years. Thank you to 
all my friends and Shelley for 
being there for me. 

Good luck to all my fellow 
classmates. Just smile. 

Patrick Tierney 

“Some people spend an entire 
lifetime wondering if they made 
a difference in the world. But. 
the Marines don't have that 
problem. ” 

Ronald Reagan 

Raymond Tourville 

Nathan Trottier 

“For the amount of pain people 
go through in life, it always 
builds up to something great, 
and its your choice of what you 
want to do with that greatness” 

Id like to thank my family for 
pushing me to always do my 
best, and my friends for always 
being there for me 
when / need them. 

Steven Tally 




\l would just like to say thank 
/vu. To all my teachers thank 
you for pushing me to learn 
more every day and for 
teaching me things that / will 
tmernber for a lijetirne. To my 
fellow seniors. I have enjoyed 
my time spent with you and 
am thankful for all you have 
taught me. I would like to 
especially thank my friends 
who were always there for me 
id to say a huge thank you to 
my dad, mom, and sister 
lanna. I would not be where I 
am today' without you all. 
"Good things come to those who 
relieve, better things come to those 
lo are patient, and the best things 
come to those who don't give up. 

' Unknown 

Gabriella Uribazo 

Congratulations. You're 
educated. Your certification is 
in your degree. You may think 
of it as the ticket to good life. 
Let me ask you to think of an 
alternative. Think of it as your 
ticket to change the world. 

- Unknown 

Rabbia Waheed 

Thank you to my parents for 
the nagging, my teachers for 
the inspiration, and my friends 
for the advice, as well as the 
laughs. I wouldn 7 be where / 
am or who I am without all of 
you. for the future. Class of 


not let your fire go out. spark 
by irreplaceable spark in the 
hopeless swamps of the not-quite, 
the not-yet, and the not-at-alL Do 
not let the hero in your soul perish 
in Lonely frustration for the life you 
deserved and have never been able 
to reach. The world y'ou desire can 
be won. It exists., it is real., it is 
possible., it's yours. 

-Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged 

Emily Walker 

Katherine West 

"Sometimes you don't realize 
the true value of a moment 
until it becomes a memory. ” 

/ never thought it was possible 
to make so many memories in 
such a small town. Thank you 
to all my best friends and 
family' who gave me the most 
unforgettable 4 years of my life. 
Shoutout to Carly, Nicky, 

Vicky, Emma, Haley, Stef and 
all the Fodale girls, I wouldn 't 
have wanted to share all of the 
good times with anyone else. 

"Beginnings are usually' scary 
and endings are usually sad. 
but it ’s everything in between 
that makes it all worth living. ” 
-Bob Marley 
'^.ongral Illations Class of 2015, 
j it is now time for our 

generation to go forward 
triumphantly'. / hope your 
future is bright and your 
memories never fade. Thank 
you Dad, Mom. Liam, and 
I Emma for making my life a 
• irndise anil to my friends fSE, 
AG, KL. TM & all the rest) for 
making the "in bet ween" so 
worth living for. 

Annabelle White 

"Hakuna Malata, it mcnn.<i no 
worries... " -The Lion King 

It is hard to believe that these 
past four years have already 
gone by and yet here we are, 
graduating. I would like to 
thank my Mom. Dad, Kerry, 
and Danny for the 
unconditional support, 
guidance, and encouragement 
that each of you have given me. 

I love you guys! 
Thank you to my' Twin .Acres 
family, for the unforgettable 
memories, and to Millie for 
managing lo survive the SI IS 
parking lot! 
Congratulations Class of 20 1. ’i, 
we did it! 

Kel sey White 


■7 don I think onyhody should 
hove regrets, especially me. 
You dont regret u'hat you do 
in your life. 
If you do it. you do it 
for a reason. 
Irn here, and Irn happy to be 
here, and Im happy to be 

- Sean Taylor 

Tyler White 

Ann Wilson 

We live in a world where pizza 
gets to your house faster 
than the police. 
Thats not a bad thing. 

Christopher Wilson 

“lihen things go wrong, don t 
go with them ” 

-Elvis Presley 

‘‘The future belongs to those 
who believe in the beauty of 
their dreams. ” 

- Eleanor Roosevelt 

Here s to the best four years 
with some of the most amazing 
people / was lucky enough to 
have met. It couldn 1 have gone 
by any faster, but every 
memory made will be with me 
forever. I can 't wait to see what 
the class of 2013 will 
accomplish. Good luck! 

Shelly Wolfe 

My quote Is ‘\Amen. ” 

Gregory Zaw 

Lane Horton 


To the Class of 2015, 

It’s hard to believe graduation day is almost here. It seems like the last four 
years have flown by. Advising and teaching your class has been a rich and 
rewarding experience, and we hope your time here at Sandwich High 
School has been filled with fond memories, and friendships that will last a 
lifetime. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. 


Ms. Meara & Ms. Fourgere 

“My wish, for you, is that this life becomes 
all that you want it to. 

Your dreams stay big, your worries 
stay small. 

You never need to carry more 
than you can hold. 

And while you're out there getting where 
you 're getting to, 

I hope you know somebody lores you, 
and wants the same things too. 

Yeah, this, is my wish. ” 

-Rascal Flatts 



i>ear Class of 2015, 

i is with a profound sense of pride that I send my best wishes to each of you for your bright and promising 
jitures. When you graduate from Sandwich High School in June, 2015, you will do so with a sense of great 
itisfaction in your varied and impressive accomplishments. Yours is a very talented and versatile class 
■;,hose members emerged from the chrysalis of adolescence in ways unprecedented at Sandwich High 
|chool. You absorbed our core values of performance, respect, integrity, dedication, and excellence into 
•3ur lives as evidenced by your daily interactions and your pervasive kindness. 

ery soon, you will move on from our classrooms, halls, gymnasium, playing fields, and performing arts 
icilities having left indelible memories which will forever be your legacy. Your individual echoes will be 
)ined together by the common themes of courage, determination, imagination, and cohesiveness. When I 
ie you in lunch or in the much beloved senior lounge “overflow” cafe, I see curious friendly young people 
ccepting of one another’s opinions and eager to engage in lively debate and discourse. When I watch you 
Dmpete as athletes, I see grit, discipline, and a profound awareness that no single person is bigger than the 
jam. When I have the pleasure of observing you in classes or in the library, I am continually impressed by 
le depth of your thinking and the clarity of your voice. WJien I see your magic come alive in the senior 
lentor program, I see young people who truly care about underclassmen and act in ways which manifest 
liat sincere desire to help those younger than you to succeed. I see that you are both curators of valued 
'aditions as well as architects of future dreams. 

ilass of 2015, you are bright, funny, spirited and united. You energize the school and send out a collective 
thos of positivity which permeates the school. Each year, seniors set the tone, and yours has been lively 
nd hope filled. We asked a lot of you this year as we reorganized Sandwich High School, adjusted our 
ichedule, and opened our doors and hearts to our new STEM neighbors. You served as selfless role models 
working together to redefine Sandwich High School. As we work diligently towards achieving our potential 
3 be an outstanding 21st century STEM high school with an outstanding arts program, you took on the role 
f navigators guiding our journey and checking the points on the compass of change. 

have come to enjoy each of you and to be proud of all of you. The Class of 2015 has occupied a special 
orner of my heart since you arrived in the fall of your freshman year. You earned my respect early and 
lave never lost it. I have looked to you for your ideas and valued your input. I thank you for your lasting 
ifts of insight, integrity, and kindness. Best wishes as you transition from being positive change agents in 
our high school to young professionals with the capacity make a lasting difference in your community and 
our world. 

Cith gratitude and admiration, 


Cllin Booras, Ed. D. 





Best Car 

Victoria Petipas 
and Jacob Olsen 

Best Couple 

Most Artistic 

Best Shoulder To Cry On 

Rachel Perras and Jacob Golden 



Sabrina Nelson 
and John Petty 


Jessica Langley and 

Hope Salamone and 

Matthew Ladner 

Harrison Evans 

Most Likely To 
Cheer You Up 

Annie White and Greg Zaw 

Best Sportsmanship 

Lily Barter and Scotty Reels 

Likely To 

Caroline Keil and 
Shaun McCoy 

Most Likely To 
Become MVP 

Caroline McKenna and Joey Downes 



Delaney Gill and 
Patrick Tierney 




Shelly Wolfe 
and Ikram Ahmad 

Most Dramatic 

Lydia Evans and Matt Long 

Most Likely To 
Be In A Boyband 

John Petty 
and Tim Miliken 

Katherine Dunham and Alex Denmark 

Most Likely To Become 



John Cahill 
and John Petty 




Megan Reardon and 
Anthony Lambros 

Case of 

Kathryn Karolczak 
and Donny 

Best Eyes 

Emma Dempsey and Cullen 

Most Likely To 
Travel The World 

Marcelle Goldberg 
and AJ. Maiato 

Most Preppy 

Katie Lowry 
and Zach Gorassi 



Most Likely To Cure A Disease 

Katherine Dunham and Andy Thomas 

Best Laugh 

Dynamic Duo 

Kylie Condosta and Jack Salters 

Colleen Macdonald and Nicole Martin 

Most Likely To 
Come Back As A 
Teacher At SHS 

Maddie Buckland 
and Alex Denmark 


Best Sportsmanship 

Lily Barter and Scotty Reels 

VIost Likely To Become 
A Reality TV Star 

Rachel Pentoney and Sean McBain 

Best Hair 

Shannon Kane and Brian Cundiff 

Most Likely 
To Become 
Internet Famous 

Caroline Murphy and Allen Chace 

Most Likely To Be 
Late To Graduation 

Lydia Rose and Brad Miele 


Senior Superlatives: 


Best Selfies 


Camp Burgess 

Making Memories 

Senior Team: A. Levangie, K.Condosta, M. Goldberg, K. Govoni, M. Kais, K. Karolczak, D. Gill, L. Evans, M. Oakley, K. Ross, A. Hir, 

J. Smith, R. Perras, A. Bryant, S. Mosher, K. White. G. Boccuzzi, S. Alden, H. Salamone, C. Powell, K. Lansing, A. Bolton, E. Walker, 

A. Lorino, A. Pannoni, N. Brackett, E. Condon, B. McEntee, S. Kane, O. Lynch, K. Fitzgerald, P. Strauss, K. West, E. Colombo, 

M. Greenhalgh, K. Dyer, M. Levangie, M. Hagist, E. Dempsey, K. McCartney, S. Wolfe, A. Wilson, J. O’Gorman, C. Macdonald, 

N. Martin, M. Femald, S. Archambeault, C. McKenna, K. Hurley, B. Hogan, R. Pentony, V. Petipas, C. Murphy, L. Belekewicz, C. Hickey, 
C. Keil, K. Finlayson, T. McElhinney, M. Buckland, K. Dunham, G. Tanguilig, L. Barter, J. Gagnon. 

Advisers: D. Fougere, M. Meara 

Juniors: H. Goddard, N. Seale, A.Fagnant, T. Tropp, C. Murphy, E. Sholi, K. Towey, M. Cuppels, L. Reynolds, B. Mandy, C. Gorham, 

A. Burke, A. Schlesinger, M. Esdale, E. Wegman, A. LaRochelle, M. French, S. Simmons, S. DiTommaso, H. Paige, H Whelan, K. Scott, 

N. Biron, A. Bates, A. Gilooly, S. Paige, H. Wright, C. O'Neil, S. Condon, J. Sweeney, M. Campbell, T. Scheuer, B. Casino, E. Dundon, 

M. Alvarenga, C. Horwood, A. Kennedy, A. Hurley, B. Collentro. S. Belcher, F. Naples, L. Nelson, K. Dougherty, V. Guillemette, K. Kosh, 
I. Cratty, J. Tallman, M. Ryan, R. LaRochelle, O. Haggerty, J. Phillips, L. Siranosian, S. Serdy, M. Connolly, C. Whittle. 

Advisers: S. Austin, L. Arrimour 


Dear Class of 2015, 

Ever since our grand debut at the Homecoming Pep Rally freshman year, we knew we were in 
for a wild ride. He have been bold, loud, and unafraid. We have celebrated each other’s successes, 
been supportive through our failures, and embraced each other’s awkwardness. We have grown up 
together, despite our separate beginnings, as one single family. 

The Class of 2015 has adapted to enormous change. Hhat’s truly impressive is how we made 
the conscious decision to make these changes positive. Barack Obama once said, “Change will not 
come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. He 
are the change that we seek. ” The Class of 2015 has never been one to wait; rather, we have always 
chosen to act. It is this desire to treat ourselves, not cheat ourselves, that will lead us to success 

no matter where we go from here. 

Special thanks to the SHS administration: Dr. Canfield, Dr. Booras, Ms. Wagner, Mr. Hill. Mr. 
Metropolis, and Ms. Haskell. Thank you to our advisers, Mrs. Meara and Mrs. Fougere, who stuck 
with us and helped us adjust to change. Thank you to our teachers who have made us into the 
young men and women we are today, ready to carpe that diem. Most of all. we give thanks to you, 
our fellow classmates, for more memories than we can count. 

We have come so far, and together we have so much to look forward to. 

H e wish you the best of luck, and we can ’t wait to see where BKP takes you. 

Have a Blue Knight Day, 

Your Class Officers 

Caroline Murphy 
Katherine Dunham 
Ky lie Condosta 
Tara McElhinney^ 

Lily Barter 


Fall Sports 

Success IS where preparation 
and opportunity meet. 
Bobby Unser 


Gold medals aren't really made of 
gold. They're made of sweaty 
determination, and a hard-tofind 
alloy called guts. 

Dan Gable 


Field Hockey 

Season Record: 

13 - 4-4 















S. Alden, A. Bryant. E. Condon, J. Gagnon, A. Heyer, A. Hir (ACL All-Star), O. Lynch, 

N. Martin (ACL All-Star), R. Pentony (ACL All-Star), S. Condon, A. Hurley, L. Naples, K. Towey (ACL All-Star) 
C. Whittle, Z. Clarkin, C. Powell, S. Souke, A. Daviy M. Ricciardi. Coach: K. Beaton; Manager: K. Dunham 


Girls Soccer 

M. Baker, S. Briggs, R. Lake, M. LeVangie, C. Macdonald, C. McKenna, B. Collentro, 
H. Colwell, M. Forrester, S. Hopkins, R. LaRochelle, B. Mandy, T. Tropp, L. Wegman, 
H. IVhelan, J. Hanson, O. Horman, K. Stanton, H. Steele, S. MacFarland 

Coach: D. DeConto 


Season Results: 

V. Duxbetry 

/ am a member of a team, and I 
rely on the team, I defer to it 
and sacrifice for it, 
because the team, 
not the individual, 
is the ultimate champion. 

-Mia Hamm 




O’Brien, C. O'Grady, B. Murphy, D. Murphy, A. Galanek, B. Diefendorf, J. Olsen, M. Dahl (captain), W. Stergis (captain), 
D. O'Brien, B. Tickel, D. DeBettancourt, Z. Boudrow, J. MacLeod, John MacLeod, D. Claibor, L. Bridges, B. Doherty, 

M. Wojnar, O. Caggiano, D. Donahue, R. Anderson, R. Beaton 
Coach: TedTedeschi 



Success in golf depends less on strength of body than 
upon strength of mind and character. 

-Arnold Palmed 

C. Casino, J. DeCoste, M. DeFelice, M. Denbow, R. Fulgueras, S. Galanis, K. Gendreau, 
P. Glynn, S. Goldberg, P. Harmon, J. Hurley, N.Kais, J. Leary, M. Long, C. Mangelson, 
M. Negron, J. Raye, R. Sorenson, J. Sullivan, A. Thomas, J. Turbeville, A. Abramson, 

C. Wilson, R. Dillon, Z. Gonneville 
Coaches: B. Pearsall, B. Tomasini 

Division 2 Soi th Sectionals 
;^RD Peace 

1 loME Record: h - 2-0 
Record: 3-3-0 
Leagi'e Record: ,3--i--o 
Season Record: cy^-o 





Season Record; : 

3-8 I 

First Round Playoffs : 

F. Kelleher, D. Perry, S. M. Hoadley, W. Bennett, M. Peterson, R. Jamilowski, H. O Brien, M. Griffin, .j 

E. Dewald, C. Hamilton, R. Davison, J. Murphy, J. Stack, J. Mullin, J. Condon, Z. Zola, T. Cairns (Captain), J. Carter, 
M. Ricci, R. McNally, B. Nobile, B. Canning, A. Walsh, J. Boudrow, S. Cleary (Captain), S. Moroney, M. Conlan, 

K. Kaufinann, S. Coutinho, T. McMahon (Captain), T. Wliite, J. Hafferty, D. DeLuca, M Ladner, C. Kilduff, ! * 

M. MacDonald, C. \^liite, S. Casey, P. Amaral, N. Fistori, S. Tully (Captain), T. Le^y, A. ^ ilson, N. Bird, C. Dupnis, 

J. lodice. ‘ 

Coaches: W. O'Connell, head coach. W. MacDonald, K. Merrick, P. McDonald, J. Rodrigues, assistant coaches; 

B. Graffam, volunteer assistant coach. 



Girls: L. Barter (ACL All-star), 1 . Chahine, K. UTiite, K. Fitzgerald, A. Bolton, K. Karolczak. K. Lowry (ACL All-star), 
K. Hurley, E. MacDonald, A. Nardini, I. Caratty, K. McCartney, M. Alvarenga, J. Sweeney, M. Campbell, 

H. Cheeseman, J. Chicco. A. Lopes, M. Esdale, A. Pannoni, S. Serdy, C. Mclnnis, E. Duryea, A. McCartney, O. Brown, 
E. Pozerski, J. Hughes, T. Eccleston, M. Silvestri, M. Reagan, A. Eragano, J. O 'Gorman, M. fl ood, H. If right, C. Maul. 
Boys: M. Murphy, J. Hemingway (ACL All-Star), M. MacDonald (ACL All-Star), J. Polidor, L. Gagnon, S Bates, 

S. Bryant, J. Papapietro, C. Anderson, J. Bates, J. Baldwin, N Bourdon, N. Gagnon, E. McCauley, B. Spears, 

T. Drake, If. Mac Lean. 


Post Season: 

Bay State Inattational 
Ty^tlight Inattational 
MSTCA Inattational 
MLA\ Dr 3 Inattational 





“Individual commitment to a group effort - that is 
what makes a team work, a company work, a society 

work, a civilization work.” Vince Lombard 


Class of 2016 

Class Officers: 

Sara Serdy, president 
Thatcher Drake, vice president 
Andrew Sivco, PR secretary 
Maddie Cuppels, secretary 
Elizabeth Wegman, treasurer 


Lindsey Arrimour 
Sam Austin 

Morgan Alvarenga 
Kevan Anderson 
Abigail Bates 
Skyler Belcher 
Christopher Boen 

Luke Bridges 
Jenny Broder 
Matthew Brooks 
Abigail Burke 
Kevin Burr 


Jameson Buttafuoco 
Sarah Butter 
Emily Byrne 
Daniel Caduette 
Owen Caggiano 

Tyler Caims 
Madison Campbell 
Christopher Cannata 
Jake Carter 
Bailey Casino 

Joaovictor Cereda 
Connor Coggins 
Isabella Collentro 
Helen Colwell 
Joshua Condon 

Sarah Condon 
Michael Conlan 

Maeve Connolly 
Isabelle Cratty 


Kyle Gendreau 
Thomas Gilbert 
Alyssa Gilooly 
Paul Glynn 
Heather Goddard 

Colleen Gorham 
Jack Gould 
John Grady 
Gavin Guarino 
Veronica Guillemette 

Olivia Haggerty 
Joshua Harmon 
Olivia Harmon 
Craig Hatfield 
Alec Henderson 

Philicia Henderson 
Benjamin Hines 

Matthew Hoadley 
Bryon Hopkins 


Staci Hopkins 
Caroline Horwood 

Anna Hurley 
John lodice 

Franklin Kelleher 
Thomas Kelleher 
Alanna Kennedy 
Kyra Kosh 
Matthew Landry 

Mariah Lang 
Andrea Larochelle 
Rae Larochelle 
Danielle Lascala 
Lindsay Lawrence 

Jordan Leary 
Robert Lennox 
Mario Levorce 
Matthew MacDonald 
Michael MacDonald 


William MacLean 
John MacLeod 
Brendan Maher 
Rebecca Mandy 
Ashley Manganiello 

Michael Manning 
Timothy McCusker 
Edward McGee iv 
Ryan McNally 
Colin McNamara 

Thomas Megan 
Michael Migliore 
Caitlyn Minton 
Jason Mullin 
Caitlyn Murphy 

Fiona Naples 
Amanda Nardini 
Lexis Nelson 
James O'brien 
Christian O'grady 

Jonathan O'hare 
Christina O'neil 
Hannah Paige 
Samantha Paige 
Julia Pennington 


Matthew Petersen 
Dincent Petracca 
Jenna Phillips 

Jeffrey Polidor 
Noah Raymond 
Lily Reynolds 

Taylor Scheuer 
Andrea Schlesinger 
Kaitlyn Scott 
Noelle Seale 
Sara Serdy 

Benjamin Shahyalani 
Emily Sholi 
Zachary Silva 
Sarah Simmons 
Elizabeth Siranosian 

Thomas Reynolds Jr 
Emily Robinson 
Reece Rountree-Hanscom 

Mia Ryan 
John Rymsha 



Andrew Sivco 
Griffin Souza 
Sarah Stella 
Brendan Sullivan 
Connor Sullivan 

Joseph Sullivan 
Jenna Sweeney 
Matthew Sylvester 
Jasmine Tallman 
Hansol Tice 


Brennan Tickell 
Kaitlyn Towey 
Tatum Tropp 
Brian Wahle 
Kevin Walker jr. 

Mira Wegman 
Hailey Whelan 
Carly Whittle 
Andrew Wilson 
Maximilian Wojnar 

Tessa Wood 
Hannah Wright 
Cameron Yadisemia 
Samuel Yogis 


Class officers; 

George Tzimorangas, president 
Caleb White, vice president 
Julia Hanson, secretary 
Robbie Davison, treasurer 
Julia Wright, public relations 

Robert Abbott 
Madeline Aldrich 
Cole Anderson 
William Anderson 
Leksana Andrews 

Joseph Baldwin 
Jason Barrett 
Victoria Barrett 
Matthew Batta 
Ryan Beaton 

Noah Bird 
Nora Biron 
Angie Blanchard 
Sydney Boden 
Cameron Bonaiuto 

Class of 3017 


Abigail Booth 
Joseph Boudrow 
Lindsey Bousfield 
Arianna Breen 
Hunter Brown 

Jake Bulman 
Kara Burke 
Nicole Buttrick 
Bryce Canning 
Ethan Carig 

Bridget Carl 
Benjamin Carlson 
Riley Casali 
Callan Casey 
Parker Casey 

Shane Casey 
Yasmine Chahine 
Heather Cheesman 
Renee Chenette 
Julie Chicco 

Caroline Clabault 
Zoe Clarkin 
John Cloonan 
Kaitlyn Condosta 
Ryan Cooper 


William Dykas 
Joshua Ecker jr. 
Raymond Espinosa 
Jessica Fagnant 
Elspeth Felthubbard 

Corey Fenton 
John Ferguson 
Nathanael Fistori 
Riley Fleming 
Megan Foley 

Daniel Fortier 
Harrison Friedman 
Luke Gagnon 
Katrina Garbacik 
Noah Gaudet 

Luke Gavoni 
Kaylynn Gill 
Kathleen Greenhalgh 
Matthew Griffin 
Sophia Guarino 

Tyler Hall 
Sydney Halloran 
Julia Hanson 
Sean Harden 
Riley Harkin 


Abigail Hart 
Faye Harty 
Haley Henderson 
James Hines 
Noah Holland 

Olivia Hoiman 
Lola Horton 
Kathryn Hughes 
Cora Jenkins 
Madison Kadra 

Nicholas Kais 
Marissa Keene 
Courtney Keery 
Andrew Kelley 
Joseph Koudelka 

Claire Kozub 
Courtney Ladner 
Corey Lam 

Skyler Lamontagne-Heston 
Jeffery Lanoie 

Megan Lansing 
Jordan Leighton 
Taylor Lennon 
Allison Lerch 
Thomas Levy 


Alexandra Lopes 
Jalen Lopes 
Elizabeth Lorino 
Matthew Maclel 
Joshua MacLeod 

Thomas Mahoney 
Caroline Maul 
Eric McCauley 
Justin McMahon 
Theresa McMahon 

Tori McMahon 
Sydney McPherson 
Yassar Mian 
Brian Moniz 
Sampson Moroney 

Brendan Murphy 
Joseph Murphy 
Michael Murphy 
John Murray 
Rachel Nista 

Benjamin Nobile 
David Noonan 
Matthew Noonan 
Olivia Nordman 
Charles O'brien 



James O'gara 
Kylie O'gara 
Nicholas Pannoni 
Holly Pearson 
Sydney Pigotl 

Alexander Pimental 
Carly Powell 
Samantha Powers 
Jacqueline Purmort-Labue 
Erika Quinn 

Mary Rand 
Matthew Reilly 
Austin Rendon 
Marc Ricci 
Griffin Ridosh 

Alexandre Rodrigues 
Gabriel Rodriguez 
Alyssa Ryan 
Kyle Sabetta 
Jordan Schemenaur 

Olivia Schreibeis 
Madison Shippce 
Travis Shores 
Elena Smith 
Jeffrey Smith 


Class of 2018 

Class Officers: 

Julia Collentro. president 
Sara MacFarland, vic-president 
Jacob Govoni, treasurer 
Molly MacFarland, secretary 
Anna Smillie, PR secretary 

Maria Cahill. Jamie Conners, 

Nicholas Abbott 
Owyn Adams 
Nicholas Ahari 
Lauren Anderson 
Robert Anderson 

Matthew Angeles 
Colton Arthur 
Thomas Athanas 
Jacob Austin 
Marlenie Baez 

Priyadarshani Bajracharya 
Joshua Bates 
Samuel Bates 
Jamie Beitler 
Nicole Bcnnet 


Daniel Bettencourt 
Alexandra Birch 
Anna Boccuzzi 
Sean Boden 
Benjamin Boyea 

Caroline Breen 
Olivia Brown 
Sean Bryant 
Alexandra Buck 
Sarah Burke 

Megan Burr 
Brendan Byrne 
Megan Carolan 
Matthew Carr 
Nicholas Carr 

Julia Collentro 
Caroline Condon 
Caroline Conlan 
James Cronin 
Patrick Cronin 

Katherine Crowther 
Taylor Danzey 
Anne Davis 
Benjamin Decoste 
Kacey Demeule 


Melanie Denbow 
Ethan Dewald 
Astghik Dion 
Jacquelyn Drake 
Shane Driscoll 

Emily Duryea 
Sean Dwyer 
Anna Dykeman 
Riley Earle 
Brittany Eccleston 

Logan Edwards 
Kate Evans 
Rachel Ferreira 
Christopher Fox 
Alyssa Fragano 

Veronica Frazier 
Erin French 
Caitlin Furlani 
Nicholas Gagnon 
Benjamin Galanek 

Caitlyn Gingras 
Cameron Glick 
Zachary Gonneville 
Sabrina Gonzalez 
Michael Goodwin 



Jacob Govoni 
Jacqueline Grabowski 
Deven Grady 
Alexander Groezinger 
Logan Grosek 

Amelia Guarino 
Jacob Hafferty 
Nathan Hall 
James Hanlon 
Alexis Haynes 

Nicholas Heyer 
Gregory Hofmann 
Mary Houlihan 
Julia Hughes 
John Hurley 

Sydney Kiedeisch 
Panitan Kienle 
Aidan Kilduff 
Dylan Klaiber 
Konrad Knaus 

Ashley James 
Austin Jellison 

Kamryn Jones 
Jared Joseph 
Amanda Karch 


Jack Larochelle 
Skyler Lasit 
Sean Laughlin 
Andrew Lawrence 
Kelsey Leighton 

Garrett Lynch 
Molly MacFarland 
Sara MacFarland 
Elizabeth Mandy 
Christos Maragozakis 

Josephena Marsh 
Daniel Marsters 
Anna Marti 
Sarah Mattson 
Alexander Mays 

Amelia McCartney 
Caleb McDermott 
Riley McGittigan 
Camryn Mclnnis 
Daniel Megan 

Gage Miller 
Kaily Moniz 
Clare Mulroy 
Brendan Murphy 
Daniel Murphy 


Jack Muiphy 
Lily Murphy 
Shannon Nardizzi 
Mather Negron 
Ronald Nurse 

Steven O brian 
Gregory O'neil 
Farrell Orman 
Joseph Papapietro 
Sean Parker 

Ritin Patel 
John Perry 
Benjamin Phillips 
Liam Powers 
Erin Pozerski 

Shayla Quinlan 
Brian Ranta 
Jacob Raye 
Jonah Raymond 
Katherine Reiber 

Marina Ricciardi 
Gabriel Rodrigues 
Jake Rogers 
Hailey Royle 
William Russell 


Brett Rymsha 
Elizabeth Sawyer 
Caitlin Shaw 
Mikayla Shaw 
Kevin Shea 

Kathryn Smith 
Molly Smith 
Brennan Speers 
Sarah Spruyt 
Grace Sullivan 

Kathleen Sullivan 
David Sylvester 
Miranda Sylvia 
McLean Taggart 
Natalia Tellez 

John Sheehan 
Michael Sheehan 
Joshua Silva 
Molly Silvestri 
Anna Smillie 

Douglas Tice 
Halle Tickell 
Caleb Tocci 
Jacob Townsend 
Anastasia Troyanos 


Allison Tuden 
Justin Turbeville 
Amanda Valentine 
Noah Wahlers 
Jake Walker 

Caroline Wilson 
Rebecca Wilson 
Katelyn Wojciechowski 
Madeline Wood 
Adam Yorke 

Ryan Yourell 
Daniel Zappala 

Will Crowther, Scotty Reels, Joey Downes, Mike 
Migliore, Will Bennett, Sann Whittle, Dante Lambrose, 
Hank O'Brien, Brian Wahle, Ben Hines, Andrew 
Galanek, Josh Condon, Cam Yadisernia 
Managers; Lily Barter, Emma Dempsey 
Coach Green 

Lkague: 8-0 
Kegi’lar Season: U)-i 

( )\ eraee: - 21-2 




“The strength of the team is each 
individual member. 

The strength of each member 
is the team. ” 

Phil Jackson 


Greg Carbone, Head Coach *’ '• 

Jenna Baptista, Assistant Coach Awa^: i-()-() 

Dave Aycock, Assistant Coach I .i:a(;i'i;: ■ 2-~yO 

Si. A son: 



Kate Evans, Noelle Seale, 

Molly Silvestri, Hailey Whelan, 
Heather Goddard, Shannon Mosher, 
Meg Reardon (Captain), 
Caroline Wilson, Kay Stanton, 
Becca Bassick, Abby Bates, 
Carly Whittle, Caroline Clabault 


Swimming and 

Priya Bajracharya, Bridget Carl, 
Kelsey Cronin, Astighik Dion, 
Shelby Donovan, Emily Duryea, 
Madeline Esdale, Sophia Eelicetti 
(Captain), Megan Eorrester (All 
Star), Kat Garbacik, Katie 
Greenhaigh, Mackenzie Hagist (All 
Star), Katie Hurley (Captain), Bailey 
Maiato (All Star), Kelsea McCabe, 
Caroline McKenna, Theresa 
McMahon, Kaitlyn Scott (All Star), 
Katie Sullivan, Natalia Tellez, Julia 
Wright, Megan Forrester, 

Catherine Magee 
Ben Carlson, Brian Cundiff 
(Captain)(Bay Colony Conference), 
Louis Cusack, Noah Davidson, 
Truman Dunkley, Thatcher Drake, 
Billy Dykas (Bay Colony 
Conference), Johnny Elston, Jack 
Forrester, Dan Fortier, Jackson 
Hagist, Caleb Hunt, A.J. Maiato 
(Captain), Kade Schofield, Vincent 
Tanguilig, Jacob Townsend 
Coach: Tony Compton 


/ \ 


IBWICH 'M ^ \ui 

^ ««A4 .NDVlCt{ 


/ \ ' 

-'JWWiCr . i*' 

ttiT"'-- /I 

C. Hokanson (ACL All-Star), M. Greenhaigh, 

G. Tanguilig (ACL All-Star), L. Pace, 

A. Lorino, B. Hansen, E. Dempsey, L. Siranosian, 
T. Wood, A Bates, C. Clabault, L. Lorino, E. French, 
C. Wilson, A. Birch 








0-11 ACL 

Jerome Fay, Head Coach 
Dave Armstrong, Assistant Coach 

Paul Caucci, Rob Davison (All 
Star), Cameron Click, 

Bryon Hopkins (All Star), Nick Kais 
(Sportsmanship), Greg Zaw 
(Captain) (All Star), Matt Landry 
(Captain) (All Star), Nate Fistori, 
Sean Coutinho, Andrew Kelley, 
Alexander Mays (Sportsmanship), 
Jeff Smith, Anthony Walsh, 

Joe Murphy, Kevin Shea, Ryan 
Yourell, Spencer Cleary (All Star), 
Pat Sullivan (Captain) (All Star), 
Caleb White, Thomas Levy 

Sean Boden, Luke Bridges, Matt Brooks (All 
Star), Owen Caggiano, Chase Corcoran, 
Brady Doherty, Owen Gagnon, Zack Gorrasi, 
Jack Gould, Craig Hatfield (All Star), 
Astin Jellison, Jack LaRochelle, Jordan Lear\% 
Matt Long, Matt Maciel, Tommy Mahoney, 
Tim Milliken (sportsmanship), Brian Moniz, 
Mather Negron, Matt Peterson, 

Jordan Schemenaur, Zach Silva, 

Brian Tierney, Patrick Tierney (All Star), 
Cole Tobin 
Coach; Steve Noll 


2-l;p-|. ( )\ t M Al l, 

()-()-i2 A( II . 


Zoe Clarkin, Katie Lowry (Captain), 
Nicole Martin (Captain), Kate 

Tara McElhinney, Alex Glynn 
(Captain), Andie LaRochelle, Abby 
Burke, Colleen Macdonald, Mary 
Houlihan, Kari Gould, 

Anna Hurley, Annabelle White, 
Taylor Danzey, 

Marcelle Goldberg, Emily Byrne, 
Christina O'Neil, 

Marilena Currey, Samantha Souke, 
Shelly Alden, Delanie Corcoran, 
Allison Hir 

Steve Noll, Head Coach 
Bill Ferreira, Maggie Hernandez, 
Chris Dumas, David Macdonald, 
Jake Macdonald 


Winter Track 

Jason Barret, Jake Bates, Sam Bates, Sean Bry ant, Jake Carter. Elliot Currier, Trei'or Delfino, Alex Denmark. 
Dan Emerson, Jordan Eoster, Luke Gagnon. Nick Gagnon, Kyle Gendreau. Ezra Heilrnen, James Hemingivay. 
Dylan Klaiber, Matt MacDonald, H ill MacLean, Eric McCauley, Brendan Murphy, Brian Murphy, 

Joey Murphy. Michael Murphy, Joey Papapietro, tinny Petracca, Jeffrey Polidor, Austin Rendon, 
Brennan Speers, Brennan Tickell. Kerin llalker 

Morgan Alvarenga. Sarah Burke, Anne Davis. Alyssa Eragano, Caitlin Euiani. Philicia Henderson. 

Staci Hopkins, Madison Kadra. Amanda Karch, Amelia McCartney', Caitlin Murphy. Joanna OGormar^. 
Sara Serdy, Katy Smith. Jenna Sweeney, Halle Tickell. Fdizaheth ft egman (All State) 






1 M 3-94 

Sj^.owrch High Sdiool 




tens TBACK 


CHAI»N 0 I«> 


CAPt 1 ISt-lf 


cut I (SlAls^is 




i 9 a 3 

sandwich h.s 
cape 4 ISLANDS 


S77 lOT 19*0 


Spring Sports 

Blue Knights 


Blue Knights 

Matt Dahl, Riley Sorenson (Captain), Brady Doherty, 
Chris Jones, Jason Mullin, Vinny Petracca, Jack 
DeCoste, Jake Golden (Captain), Will Bennett, Dylan 
Kay, Dan Perry, Will Crowther, Mike Manning, Joe 
Sullivan, Patrick Tierney, Ryan McNally 

Brian Tomasini, Head Coach 

Brian Bodjiak, Josh Rodrigues, Assistants 

Matt Melia, Volunteer Assistant 



Alex Pimentel, Allison 
Tuden, Amelia Guarino, 
Anna Smillie, Brendan 
Maher, Delaney Gill, Emily 
Walker, Hunter Brown, Jack 
Gould, Jacob Townsend, 
Julia Gagnon, Julia Wright 
Jackie Grabowski, Megan 
Carolan, Parker Casey, 
Shannon Kane, Skyler Lasit, 
Sydney Kiedeisch, Theresa 
McMahon, Truman Dunkley 

Chris Dumas, Head Coach 
Kathleen Mills, Dave Golden, 




Spring Track 



Clubs and 



Leadership Team 

S. Archambeault, M. Baker, L. Barter, G. Boccuzzi, N. Bourdon, N, Brackett, P. Brito, A. Bryant, M. Buckland, J. Cahill, E, 
Condon, K. Condosta, M. Dahl, C. Deal, E. Dempsey, A. Denmark, B. Diefendorf, K. Dunham, T. Eccleston, H. Evans, L. 
Evans, S. Felicetti, M. Fernald, K. Fitzgerald, S. Gaffney, J. Ggnon, D. Gill, A. Glynn, M. Goldberg, Z. Gorassi, K. Govoni, M. 
Greenhaigh, P. Griffin, M Hagist, C. Hickey, A. Hir, C. Hokanson, K. Hurley, C. Jones, H. Kardon, C. Kilduff, R. Lake, J. 
Langley, A. LeVangie, A. Lorino, K. Lowry, O. Lynch, E. MacDonald, C. Macdonald, C. Mangelso, M. Martin, S. McBain, K. 
McCartney, T. McElhinney, B. McEntee, C. McKenna, T. McMahon, C. Murphy, L. Murphy, S. Nelson, M. Oakley, L. Pace, A. 
Pannoni, R. Perras, C. Powell, M. Reardon, S. Reels, R. Sorenson, P. Strauss, G. Tanguilig, M. Taylor, P. Tierney, G. 
Uribazo, E. Walker, K. West, K. White, C. Wilson, S. Wolfe 

National Art Honor Society 

Hannah Paige (junior 
president), Harrison Evans, 
Amy Curtis, Matt Sylvester, 
Emily Robinson, Tara 
McElhinney, Maddie 
Buckland, Hope Salamone 
(senkior president). Cedar 
Hickey, Annie White, AJ 
Maiato, Caroline Murphy, Liz 
Siranosian, Genieva Antis- 

Adviser: Courtney Look 


Peer Mediation 

M. Alvarenga, A. Bates, N. Biron, A. Burke, S. Butler, J. Buttafuoco, B. Casino, I. Collentro, H. Colwell, S. Condon, 

M. Connolly, W. Crowther, M. Cuppels, K. Dougherty, T. Drake, T. Dunkley, D. Emerson, M. Esdale, A. Fagnant, S. Forest, 
M. Forrester, M. French, B. Gavoni, K. Gendreau, H. Goddard, O. Haggerty, P. Henderson, C. Horwood, A. Hurley, 

T. Kelleher, A. LaRochelle, L. Lawrence, J. MacLeod, R. Mandy, C. McNamara, M. Migllore, C. Murphy, F. Naples, 

A. Nardini. K. O'Brien, C. O'Neil, H. Paige, V. Petracca, J. Polidor, L. Reynolds, M. Ryan, T. Scheuer, A. Schlesinger, 

K. Scott, S. Serdy, E. Sholl, S. Simmons, L. Siranosian, A. Sivco, J. Sullivan, J. Sweeney, B. Tickell, K. Towey, B. Wahle, 

L. Wegman, H. Whelan, T. Wood, H. Wright, C. Whittle 

Key Club 


National Honor Society 

S. Alden, L. Barter, G. Boccuzzi, S. Briggs, A. Bryant, S. Cleary, E. Condon, K. Condosta, M. Dahl, 
E. Dempsey, A. Denmark, B. Diefendorf, K. Dunham, S. Eelicetti, K. Eitzgerald, J. Gagnon, 

M Goldberg, K. Govoni, A. Hir, K. Hurley, C. Keil , J. Langley, O. Lynch, K. Lowry, G. Macdonald, 
E. MacDonald, K. McGartney, T. McElhinney, E. McEntee, C. McKenna, G. McKenna, S. Nelson, 
A. Pannoni, R. Perras, G. Powell, M .Reardon, R. Sorenson, G Tanguilig, P. Tierney, R. Waheed, 
G. Uribazo, E. Walker, K. White Adviser: Margie Luck 




j ) 



Jake Flaherty, Bridget Carl, 
Megan Lansing, Arianna 
Breen, Joey Downes, Carly 
Powell, Courtney Keery, 
Erika Quinn, Claire Kozub, 
Abbey Hart, Philecia 
Henderson, Heather 
Cheeseman, Trevor Delfino 
Julie Chicco, Jenna 
Sweeney, Sarah Simmons 
Adviser: Martha Martin 


nternational Studies 

H. Evans, S. Strano, R. Harkin, A. Dion, S. Pigott, A. Govoni, L. Barter, N. Wahlers, K. McAuliffe, D. Gill, 
P. Rowe, M. Shaw, J. Cahill, K. Sabetta, J. Polidor, J. Sullivan, A. Sivco, J. Gagnon, H. Paige, C. Paulding, 
C. Gorham, C. Guerin, J. Casali, E. Hunt, T. Wood, J. Wright, M. Polidor, M. Goldberg, D. Emerson, 

H. Brown, C. Murphy, C. Gingras, K. Fitzgerald, H. Tickell, M. Murphy, E. Strano, C. Shaw, E. Walker, 

T. McElhinney, O. Rowe, C. Lewis, C. Sullivan, J. Govoni, B. Tickell, S. Serdy, M. Alvarenga, C. Powell, 
H. Cheeseman, E. Dempsey, P. Bajracharya, B. Carl, K. Finlayson, M. DeLuca, K. Towey, T. McMahon, 
Z. Boudrow, J. Sheehan, J. Bates, K. OBrien, A. Smillie, C. Coggins, H. Colwell, C. Kilduff, J. Sweeney, 

R. DeMarco, D. Murphy, E. Wegman, M. Denmark, H. Pearson, N. Biron, AJ Maiato, D. Evans, 

A. McCartney, O. Bishop, E. Milburn, M. Cuppels, S. Simmons, K. Garbacik, K. Dunham, JJ Morrison, 

V. Petraccca, A. Denmark, J. MacLeod, T. Milliken 

IS goes to 
New York 



Philosophy Club 

H. Brown, A. Rodriguez, 
T. Drake, C. Gorham, 
A. Govoni, G. Hofmann, 
B. Galanek, 

J. Papapietro, P. Casey, 
A Pimentel, J. Murray, 
D. Bettencourt, 

K. Sabetta 

Adviser: Scott Childress 

WSDH Radio 

1. Barter, J. Bates, S. Bates, M Bolton, J Cahill, B. Casino, M. Cuppels, T. Delfino, A. Dion. 
S. Dubuque, D. Emerson, H. Evans, C. Gingrich, M. Goldberg. P. Henderson, M. houlihan, 
M Kais, C. Kilduff, A. EaRochelle, D. LaScala, M. Eong, K. Lowry, A. McCartney, T. 
McElhinney, H. Paige, A. Payge, J. Polidor, B. Ranta, L. Rose, A. Schlesinger, C. Shaw, M. 
Shaw, J. Sheehan, M. Sheehan, E. Sholi, A Sivco. Adviser: Jan Simpson 


Sandwich Soul 

Sopranos: Sarah Archambeault 
Sarah Butler 
Yasmine Chahine 
Katelyn Dyer 
Taylor Eccleston 
Courtney Keery 
^Caroline Keil 
Mariah Lang 
Clare Mulroy 
* Laura Murphy 
Katelyn Noyes 
+Grace Tanguilig 

Tenors: Sean Bryant 
Jared Joseph 
Skyler Lasit 

* Shaun McCoy 
*Andrew Sivco 

Section leader ^ Dance Captain Adviser: 

Altos: Ahby Bates 
*Maeve Connolly 
+ Ashley Lagnant 
Kassie Linlayson 
Colleen Gorham 
* Abigail LeVangie 
Maggie LeVangie 
Sydney Piggott 
Sarah Serdy 
Andrea Schlesinger 
Amanda Valentine 
Maddie Wood 
Anne Wilson 
Basses: *John Cahill 
Nick DiMaggio 
*John MacLeod 
John Petty 
Vincent Tanguilig 
Luke Bridges 

Melinda Lasit 

Sandwich Singers 

Victoria Barrett, Abby Booth, Nicole Buttrick, Meghan Burr, John Cahill, Katie 
Crowther, Brittany Eccleston, Ashley Fagnant, Jordan Foster, Thomas Gilbert, 
Faye Harty, Jared Joseph, Marissa Keene, Courtney Keery, Abigail FeVangie, 
Alexandra Fopes, Anna Marti, Faura Murphy, John Petty, Shayla Quinlan, 
Reece Rountree-Hanscom, Caitlin Shaw, Mikayla Shaw, Katie Smith, Molly 
Smith, Haileigh Stathopoulos, Carly Whittle, Maddie Wood 
Adviser: Melinda Fasit 

Jazz Band 

Kallie Poon. Nina Sundermeyer 
Luc Walsh, Chris Fagnant. 

Zac Herold, Marty Trenniessen, 
Jake Bates, Sam Bates, 

Anna Boccuzzi, Astghik Dion, 
Aidan Kilduff, Skyler Lasit, 
Kelsey Cronin. Gina Boccuzzi 
Adviser: Elizabeth MacKenzie 


KTC Tech Crew 

J. Bates, S. Bates, C. Clabault, M. Deluca, N Durant, C. Fox, T. Kelleher, C. Kilduff, D. LaScala, L. Lawrence, 
B. Maher, B. McEntee, R. Perras, J. Polidor, E. Robinson, C. Shaw, E. Sholi, B. Sullivan, M. Taylor 


Concert Band 

Debate Team 


Sara McFarland 
Olivia Brown 
Sam Bates 
Jack Sheehan 
Katie Cro wither 
Not pictured: 
Amanda Karch 
Amelia McCartney 


Nate Everett 
Michael Welch 

Nicholas Ahari, Joshua Bates, 
Sam Bates, Anna Boccuzzi, 
Gina Boccuzzi, Noah Bourdon, 
Jennie Broder, Sean Bryant, 
Sarah Dean, Donald Donahue, 
Thatcher Drake, Sean Dwyer, 
Ashley Fagnant, Jessica 
Fagnant, Katrina Garbacik, 
Patrick Griffin, Philicia 
JJenderson, Sydney Kiedeisch, 
Skyler Lasit, Josephina Marsh, 
Dan McAuliffe, Vincent 
Petracca, Jeff Polidor, 
Gabriel Rodriguez 
Adviser: Elizabeth MacKenzie 

Pep Band 

Jake Bates, Sam Bates, 
Anna Boccuzzi, Gina 
Boccuzzi, Astghick Dion, 
Chris Fagnant, Zach Herold, 
Justin Fliggins, Skyler Lasit, 
Shelly Matthews 
dviser: Elizabeth MacKenzie 

j 0 > M 

i 1 

JsN| ^ 9 

201 5 Officers 


Students and Military 

Television Club 

Nora Biron, Matt Sylvester. 

Anthony Lambros, Genieva Aboltin, 
Natalia Tellez, Jacob Giovani, 
Makayla Shaw. Caitlin Shaw. 

Noah Wallace, Sarah Spruit. 
Astghik Dion. Maddie Oakley, 

Anna Smillie, Adam Monast, 

Will Maclean, Alex Rodriguez, 

Josh Ecker, Robert Dubuis 
Adviser: Scott Childress 



student Council 

K. Govoni, G. Boccuzzi, 
J. Polidor, M. Lansing, 

L. Siranosian, TJ Cairns, 

R. Davison, 
3. Tzimorangas, R. Nista, 
C. White, M. Murphy, 

S. Halloran, J. Wright, 
A. Walsh, T. Kelleher, 
A. Dion, A. Smillie, 
A. Marti, C. Conlan, 
E. Sholi, A. Boccuzzi, 

T. McMahon, C. Shaw, 

M. Shaw, S. Nardizzi, 
A. Haynes, C. Gingras, 
J. Grabowski, 
A. Troyanou, J. Govoni, 

N. Wahlers, 
3. McGittigan, T. Delvino, 
A. Karch, J. Collentro, 
K. Scott 

Katherine Dunham. Emily Walker 
Emma Dempsey, Kylie Condosta 
Ally Bryant, Shelley Alden 
Julia Gagnon, Catie Shaw 
Lily Barter, Emily MacDonald 
Casey Powell, Sabrina Nelson 
Rachel Perras, Morgan Taylor 
Beth McEntee, Erin Condon 
Chris Wilson, Tara McElhinney 
Zach Boudrow, Caroline Murphy 
Heather Cheesman, Orna Lynch 
Sophia Felicetti, Tessa McMahon 
Jordan Leighton. Andy Thomas 
Kylie McCartney, 

Connor Mangelson 

Habitat for Humanity 



D. LaScala, M. Lang 
A. Burke 


S. Rose, M Bouvier, K. Riley, 
R. LaBame, M. Currey, 

J. Purmort-LaBue, R. Nista, 
A. Curtis, G. Rodriguez, 

J. Hines, T. McElhinney, 

E. Robinson, M. Esdale, 

J. Koudelka, O.Rowe, D. Gil 
Veras, S. Dean, D. LaScala , 
G. Santry 


Spanish Club 

1 . Perras, S. McCoy 
White, M. Cuppels 
[ii. Uribazo, C. O'Neill 
L. Lopes, S. Serdy 
i. Tanguilig, M. Baez 
[. Wilson, N. Tellez 
L. Patel, J. Austin 
I Smith, J. Grabowski 
. Spruyt, E. Sholi 


Knights Theatre Company 

Cast Members: Marlene Baez, Arianna Breen, Sean Bryant, John Cahill, 

Yasmine Chahine, Julie Chicco, Maeve Connolly, Emily Duryea, Kassie Finlayson, Caitlin Furlani, Colleen Gorham, Jared 
Joseph, Caroline Keil, Anthony Lambros, Alexandra Lopes, Skyler Lasit, Shaun McCoy, John MacLeod, Sabrina Nelson, 
Katelyn Noyes, Abigail LeVangie, Maggie LeVangie, John Petty, Sydney Pigott, Carly Powell, Reece Rountree-Hanscom, 

Sara Serdy, Andrew Sivco, Caitlin Shaw, 

Molly Smith, Grace Tanguilig, Amanda Valentine, Hannah Wright, Maxine Bouvier, 

Will Cummings, Jack Forrester, McKenna Lasit, Celeste LeVine, Daniela Gil Veras, Isabella Hassler, Anthony Nelson, 
Kaylee Pierce, Michael Polidor, Rhianna Regan, Keegan Riley, Shelly Robinson-Matthews, Olivia Rowe, Samantha Rose, 

Danica Shores, Nicole Valentine, Cathryn Wahle, Luc Walsh 
Tech Crew: Jake Bates, Sam Bates, Caroline Clabault, Maia Deluca, Nicole Durant, Chris Fox, Tom Kelleher, Cullen 
Kilduff, Danielle LaScala, Lindsey Lawrence, Brendan Maher, Beth McEntee, Rachel Perras, Jeff Polidor, Emily Robinson, 

Caitlin Shaw, Emily Sholi, Brendan Sullivan, Morgan Taylor. 

Presidents: Sabrina Nelson, John Petty; Secretaries: Maeve Connolly, Andrew Sivco; 

Outreach: Abigail LeVangie and Skyler Lasit; 

Actor Reps: John Cahill and Kassie Finlayson 
Tech Reps: Tom Kelleher and Jeff Polidor 
Adviser: Melinda Lasit 

Tech Advisers: Elliot Sicard and Chris Dumas 
Stage Manager: Mike Miller 



25th Annual 
Putnam County 
Spelling Bee 

Music and Lyrics by Book by 

WiHiamFinn RacbelSbeinkin 
Conceived by 
Rebecca Feldman 
Additional Material by Jay Reiss 

Presented throujth a special ari aniiemenl »ith Music Thcatre 
liiteriiatiunal (MTI). .Ml authuri/.ed performance materials 
are also supplied through Mi l. 


March 27, 28 7:00pi 


March 29 2:00pm 
.Vpril 10, 11 7;00pn' 


Sandwich High Scho 

36S Quaker Mccling House F 


Adults: SI2 
Seniors: $8 
Students: S8 
Available at the dno 
General .Seating 


I Vocal Director/Advis 

Music Director 

Tech Director 

Stage Manager 

For more information about ticket sales, please call: 
508-888-4900 ext. 4155 or email: mlasitl? sandwich. 

Lancer 2015 

No yearbook occurs in a vacuum. Although the world of the yearbook has changed, and 
now it is accomplished by individual members of an overall team, not in classrooms, but on 
laptops, and not on paper, but in cyberspace, it still represents the collaboration and 
cooperation of a dedicated group having a single goal. 

We are indebted to all those who contributed to this edition of Lancer, who created their 
own “community service,” and left behind this legacy. Some are from SHS itself, but we 
also are deeply grateful to the members of the larger community of Sandwich, who have 
offered their time and talent to complete this image of this year and this place. 

To Tom Davis, of Studio 280, who donates his time and derring-do, 40 feet in the air, to 
capture the beach photo, and volunteers for team photos, 
and records the moments of this school's life; 

To Dan Crowley, of the Sandwich Enterprise, who swoops in with his magical images of 
SHS athletes, saving us in our moments of greatest need; 

To the Sandwich Fire Department, whose members stand by to offer 

that aerial lift each fall; 

To Tina Trites, whose image of the boardwalk 
captured that summer moment for so many Sandwich kids; 

To the SHS faculty and administrators, who never ask why. They just say, 

“How can we help?” 

To all the families who send us their home photos of students in action. 

It takes a village to raise a child - and to create a yearbook. 

Thank you, all. 


Delaney Gill 

^ Gina Boccuzzi 

Shannon Kane 
' Anna Boccuzzi 

Senior Events 
Sarah Simmons 


Tommy Kelleher 



Maria Cahill, Laura Carlyle, 
Scott Childress, Chelsea Craig, 
Kwon Faith, Marci Galvin, 
Lori Horan, Martha Martin, 
Marty Russo, 
Bud Schermerhorn, Caitlin 


Patrick McDonald, 
Michael Welch, Marty Cosgrove, 
Joseph Dawe, 
Nate Everett, Donald Franke, 
Rebecca Lewis, Gary Linehan, 
Margie Luck, Mike McNeill, 
Jan Simpson 


Dr. Ellin Booras, Principal 

Chip Hill, Anne Wagner 
Assistant Principals 



Samantha Austin, David 
Aycock, Dominique 
Fougere, Lou Grimaldi, 
Lewis White, Therese 
Alcorn, Ellen Muir, 
Catherine Carl, Kristen 
Ermi, David Neill, Cindy 

j ■■■ * 


Xf - 


Larry Anderson, Mark Gilmore, Melissa Meara, 
Anne Murphy, Laurie St. Pierre, Diana Parker, 
Courtney Aboltin, Annie Cloutier, Chris Dumas, 
Chris Luette, Steve Watson 


Special Education: 

Clare Driscoll, Kathleen Duffy, 
Susan Goodspeed, Carolyn Hite, 
Laura Richard, Don Shewchuk, 
Vicki Schulz, Kathleen Norton, 
Elaine Dumas, secretary 

Kathy Grant RN 


School Counseling: 

Christine Carroll, Lindsey Arrimour, Kathy Lucas, 
Erik Meerbach, Sue Coutino, Jeannie Reese, 
Jamie Conners, 

Rachel Cronin, secretary 


Health and Wellness: 

Bill O'Connell, Christopher 
Luette, Brent Pearsall, 

Kristen Young, Jennifer Harris, 

Wayne MacDonald 

Erin Gilooly, athletic trainer 


Hail and Farewell 

To our friend and mentor 
Horace “Bud” Schermerhorn, III 

After a thirty-year career in teaching, leading, cajoling, 
coaching our writing, and encouraging us constantly to 
do better, Mr. Schermerhorn has decided to retire his 
collection of seasonal ties and his copy of 1984 . 

We know we will continue to see him around town, at 
the games, and out on the boat, but it just won't be the 
same. He's been an innovator, and a supporter of all 
things (he'll understand why we had to say it that way) 
Sandwich High School, most especially this yearbook. 
For his many kindnesses, for his many acts of 
generosity, those of which we know and those he 
preferred to keep to himself, we say thank you. 







Messages from Our 
Families and Friends: 

Congratulations, Class of 2015 

You Made It! 

March 5, 2015 


Simmer aew ays comes. 

Loye and IF:st W ishes, 

IF’d and I ricia Schermerhorn 



We love you more than 
anything in this world. 

You have made us so prou\ 
of the strong young woma 
you have become. Allyour\ 
hard work and persistenct 
has paid off. We cannot 
wait to see what lies a heat 
for you as you enter into a 
new chapter of your life. 
Things will be new and 
sometimes hard; we have 
all the faith in you. 
Remember we will be here 
for you and will love y^ou 

Wou're off to Great Placed 
Today is your c/a I* 
lour mountain is waitin 
So... get on your wa ' 
You're off and away!” -Or. Se,' 

Dad, Mom, John, and Buste, 

Your smile says it all! You are an intelligent, confident, kind, and 
loving young woman, and we could not be more proud of you. 
Thank you for always respecting yourself, who you are, and what 
you stand for; these qualities will serve you well throughout your 
entire life. Thank you for being an exceptional big sister to your 
brother. From the beginning you understood that role, took it 
seriously, and have been the best role model and friend a little 
brother could ask for. Thank you for making our job as parents a 
complete joy. Your commitment, sense of responsibility, leadership, 
and courageous spirit are just a few of your greatest attributes. Our 
gift to the world is YOU., 
continue to make it a beautiful place to be. 

Congratulations Caroline. ..we love you! 

XO. Mom. Dad & Patrick 

Congratulations, Carly! 

We are so proud of your hard work and 
accomplishments. As you start this new chapter: 
be strong, be true, be safe, and ALWAYS 
remember to laugh. No matter where your 
journey or dreams take you, know that there will 
be a road that leads home, 
where you are loved the most. 


Mom, Dad, and Colin 


Congratulations, Emily! 

It's shocking how quickly you've grown up. 
Yesterday you were our little cutie pie, and today 
you're a beautiful young lady. Remember where 
you've been as you discover 
where you're meant to be. 


Mom, Dad, and Rachel 



We are so proud of you, and all that you have become. 
You have grown into such a sweet, compassionate, and 
onscientioiis young lady who is not only smart, but kind 
to others. You have added so much joy and life to our 
amily, and although hard, it's time to share you with the 
world. You have accomplished many things, but your 
"uture holds so much more. You have grown into such a 
beautiful butterfly, and it's time for you to spread your 
wings and fly. Always remember that we love you, 
support you, and will always be there for you. 

Love, Dad, Mom, and Kaylynn 


You advised us today that you would be leaving and pursuing new 
opportunities. Having achieved all that you envisioned, it is time 
for you to greet new challenges. We have worked together for 18 
years, always knowing that this day would come and, although 
thrilled for you, / couldn't help but take a moment to think about 
where it all began, and to thank you for the greatest opportunity of 
my life. 

I will never forget the day you hired me. I wanted this job badly. 
We hadn't met face to face. I had only seen a picture of you, and I 
was apprehensive about my qualifications. You reminded me that 
this was a start-up company and that we would learn together as 
we went along. I wanted to impress you, but felt my skills were 
inadequate. There were days that neither one of us had any clue 
what we were doing. To say that we made our share of mistakes is 
truly an understatement. There were days that we used everything 
but the kitchen sink to get our projects out the door, but we 
managed. Looking back, some days were endless, but the years 
flew by. Mixed with joyous celebrations, achievements, and 
uncontrollable laughter there were tears, tantrums, and slammed 
doors, but we managed to create something that will be a part of 
us all, forever. 

So, as we cheer you on and send you off, please remember what you 
taught me or we learned together all those years ago: Everything 
you need, you already have. When you fall, get right back up. 

Take chances and make mistakes. Find a way, large or small, 
every day, to help someone. Most importantly, no matter what 
happens, remember to laugh, at everything, and know we love 

Mum, Dad, Anna, Jack, Maria, & Thomas 


Congratulations, Emma! 

We are excited for the 
opportunities that lie ahead 
of you. 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Ryan, 
and Tom 

Best of luck to the 
Class of 2015! 

Congratulations, Jess!! 

During each phase of your life, we have cherished 
watching you grow. . .and now we are so proud of all that 
you have accomplished, and the amazing woman 
you have become. 

We wish you the strength to face challenges with 
confidence... along with the wisdom to make decisions 
thoughtfully... We wish you adventure on your journey, 
and may you always stop to help someone along the 
way . . .Listen to your heart, and take risks carefully. Most 
of all, always remember how much you are loved!! 


Mom, Dad, & Peter 


It seems like just yesterday that 
you were a little baby, and I 
dreamed about the person that you 
would become. 1 am proud of 
you, your accomplishments, and 
the choices that you have made in 
life. I will be here for you always, 
and will love you, 
wherever life takes you. 
Congratulations on your 

Love, Mom 

We are so proud of you. Everyone who knows you 
understands how wonderful you are. Continue to be you, 
as you grow with new experiences, 
and success will come your way. 

We are so excited for your next stage — so much to 
discover. Enjoy the adventure! 

We love you so much! 

Mom, Dad & Brendan 


Congratulations, Laura 

Congratulations, Jacob! 

Time has passed by so fast; you have grown into a 
confident, kind-hearted, incredible young man with 
an infectious smile. 

We are so proud to call you son. 

As you begin this chapter of your life, make sure to 
stay true to yourself, to follow your dreams, and 
always to remember your home, where you are loved 
the most. 

With love and support always. 

Mom, Dad, and Joshua 


“Well-behaved women 
seldom make history.” 

— Laurel Thatcher Ulrich 

. . .and no doubt, you will make your mark in this 
world, Sabrina. We admire your ability to challenge 
yourself and others to see things in a new light. Your 
passion and empathy for people and causes will serve 
you well and take you far. Continue to be the kind, 
generous, and courageous person you are. 

We love you and we like you. 
“Poppa Pete,” “Mither,” and “Goober” 

Abigail and Maggie 

For 18 years, we have been so lucky and privileged to have you in our lives. We never imagined the love and joy two little girls would 
bring to us. We could not have asked for better daughters than the two of you. We will miss you as you begin the next chapter in your 
lives. We can't wait to hear all about your journey. It thrills us to know how much you love each other and that you are best friends. 
What more could we ask for? Work hard and always remember who you are, and that you are loved. 

Have fun!! We are so proud of you both ! 


Mom, Dad, and Brendan 


Congratulations, Colleen! 

We are so proud of you and all that you've accomplished. 

It has been such a pleasure watching you grow and mature into a smart, confident, compassionate, 

and happy young woman. 

The sky is your limit, and you will always be our “sunshine.” 

Always and forever you will be our sweetie!! 


Mom, Dad, Jake, Dave, and Tommy 

Congratulations, Ally! 

You have grown into such an amazing young woman. 
We are excited to watch you continue on your journey, 
as you begin the next chapter in your life. 
Remember to follow your passions, and always to stay 
true to yourself— don't ever lose sight of who you are and 
what you believe in. 

SO proud of you! This is your moment; go shine! 

Mom, Dad, Nicholas, Jack, and Joe 

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a 
wonderful legacy to leave behind." — Taylor Swift 

Congratulations, Kylie! 

We are so proud of you and all that you have already 
accomplished. Now, as graduation approaches, we look 
ahead with both excitement and, yes, sadness too, as we 
realize that you are about to begin a new journey. 
Continue to shine brilliantly in all that you do, and know 
that your biggest fans will always be cheering for you. 

Love always. 

Mom, Dad, Ian, Amelia, and Tristan 


Gabby, Congratulations on a job well done... 

It has been sueh a privilege and pleasure to see the 
woman you've become. Your best attributes are your 
desire to help others, selflessness, 
and to be YOUR best. . . 

Thank you for making our job easy. 

Dad, Mom, and Gianna 

You've become an unbelievable, strong woman who 
is not afraid to walk along her own path, which will 
lead you on an incredible journey for your future. 
You are cherished and loved, for all that you are, by 
your family and friends. 

I am so proud to call you my daughter! 



Genieva and Madison!! 

Ue are all so very proud of you both. Be the change 
you wish to see. 


Dad, Kristen. Sam, Grace, Hadley, Grammy, Mom, 
Mark, Mimi, Papa, Griffin, Matthew, Joshua, 
Heather-Marie, Dakota, Danielle, Nate, and Steven 

Congratulations, Heather!! 


Congratulations Alex 
We are all so proud of you. Stay the kind, caring 
young man that you are — you will go far. 
Mom. Nana, Sam, Alex, Mike 

Congratulations, Allison! 

We are so proud of all that you have accomplished, and 
truly look forward to your future achievements. You have 
always amazed us with your kindness, loyalty, love, 
strength, and energy. Your courage came through as you 
challenged yourself to excel as one of the league's top 
goalies, and an All Star field hockey player. Your smile 
brightens every room you enter. You will succeed in the 
medical field - caring for others and making this world a 
better place. We love and adore you! 


Dad, Mom, and Boomer 

Congratulations, Amy!! 

We are so proud of you. See you in Florida. 

Mom and Dad 



The moment your Dad and I laid eyes on you, when you 
entered this world, we both knew you were someone very 
special. You have always been focused, determined, and most 
of all “True to Yourself.” 

Every year, as we watched you grow, we saw a young man go 
after his dreams, succeed in academics, and display nothing 
but Love & Kindness to his family, friends, and all others 
around him. This “genuine” individual character makeup you 
possess, has and always will be, the key to life & the success 
toward your future to come. 

Dad and I want “Thank You” for everything! But mostly for 
making “parenting” so easy for both of us. 

We are all so proud of you and love you very much. 
Mom, Dad, and Cal 


Congratulations Kylie Rae! 

From the moment you came into this world you have been 
the light of my life. You were blessed with a wonderful 
brain and a soft demeanor that effortlessly enchants 
everyone you meet. Your ability to reason came long 
before your vocabulary and is one of my favorite 
memories of you. I can't think of a more authentic, happy, 
brilliant human being on the planet, and am so blessed to 
call you my daughter. We are all so proud of you and can't 
wait to watch you change the world. Go get 'em, kiddo! 
With much love, pride, and sincere adoration, I love you 
my baby. 


For Marcelle Goldberg, 

When you were a baby, you fought sleep with all your might, 
and when you finally drifted off, it was literally with one eye 
open... you never wanted to miss a thing. Look at you, beautiful 
girl, and all you have done in your 17 years... you still haven't 
missed a thing. We are so proud of the person you have been 
since the day you were bom: fierce, aware, conscious, 
committed, fun, compassionate, smart as a whip, with deep 
integrity. Eagerly looking forward to witnessing the roads you 
will travel and the good you will do in this world, we pause 
today to reflect on all that you are, and to wish for you joy, 
wonderful experiences, and opportunities to share your great 
gifts with the world. You are our light and our world, and we 
love you with all our hearts, to the moon and back and back 

Mama and Daddy 

Congratulations, Zack! 

We are so proud of the young man you have 
become. You have worked hard to get here, but 
don't stop here, Zack. Go chase your dreams. And, 
remember, “We love you tons.” 

Mom, Dad, Nick, Sammy & Tessy 

Tommy Perron 

“When the future's 
so bright you got to 
wear shades.” 


Mom, Chelsea, 

Justin, Jacob, and 

Congratulations, Becca 

Your four years of High 
School are behind you, 
Yahoo! Now it's time to go 
forward into the 
Wizarding World! 

Mom, Dad, Jess, Caleb, 
Jack, Sam, Michael, Laura, 
Abby, and Luna 


Congratulations, Patrick! 

Watching you grow to be the special person you are 
has given us tremendous pleasure. It's time to share 
that amazing smile with the rest of the world. 

We love you! 

Dad, Mom, and Brian 


We are so happy for you and proud of you! You will 
always be our little girl, but we've enjoyed watching you 
grow into such a beautiful, caring, joyful, smart, strong, 
and witty young woman. Stay the way you are, and the 
world will be yours! 

Wherever you go and whatever you do, we know it will 
be a fun and exciting adventure! Hope we have given 
you strong wings and deep roots, so you can follow your 
dreams and remember where you are cherished most. 

Congratulations and God bless you and all the SHS 
Class of 2015! 

Love you to the moon and back again. 

Mom, Dad, Nicole, Ashley, Shannon, and Will 

Congratulations Lydia Grace Evans, 

Class of 201 5! 

You should be so proud of yourself for your dedieation and 
persistence. Remember to set your sights on the stars and to 
reach for them always. Believe in yourself, because you are so 
unique, with no limit to what you can do! You're smart, 
beautiful, loving, kind, caring, and mostly just a wonderful 
daughter and sister. Your compassion for those less fortunate, 
your devotion to your family and friends will be treasured 
always. We cannot wait to see what lies ahead of you as you 
enter into a new chapter of your life. Remember we will be 
here for you and will love you always. 

With Love and Pride, 

Dad, Mom, Victoria and David 


The joy and lore we have for you is immeasurable. 
We know that you will accomplish whatever you set 
out to do, and enrich the many lives you touch. 

Mom, Dad, Chelsea, Caroline, and Callahan 


Class of 2015 

“Do not go where the path may lead, 
go instead where there is no path 
and leave a trail.” 

Love and Best Wishes, 

Laura and Corey Carlyle 

Haley Anna, 

lie have watched you grow up through the years, from a 
yelling and adorable baby, to an even louder yelling and 
beautiful young woman. Seriously, all kidding aside, we 
are so very, very proud of you. Your laughter has filled our 
hearts with joy’ and happiness. 

The multiple challenges you have faced and the hurdles 
you have overcome are a true testament to your 
perseverance and hard work throughout y’our school years. 
Hard work does pay off. 

H e love you so very much, and we will support you always. 
Finally’, alway’s remember to believe in yourselj, and that 
no dream is unattainable. HALK TALL. 

All our love. 

Dad. Mom. Shelby and .Mark}’ 


Congratulations, Tyler! 

We are so proud of the person you have 
become, and all your accomplishments. 
We love you very much! 

Mom and Dad 


ET THE Sea Se You Free 


You're going to miss this 
You're going to want this back 
You're going to wish these days 
Hadn't gone by so fast 
These are some good times 
So take a good look around 
You may not know it now 
But you're going to miss this 
-Trace Adkins 

We love you and are very proud of you. 
Congratulations, Shannon 
Mom and Patrick 

Congratulations, Kathryn !! 

Congratulations Katelyn! 

We have been blessed to 
have you as our daughter, 
and we are very proud of you 
and your accomplishments. 
As you close this chapter of 
your life and look ahead, 
know that our love and 
support will be with you 

With Love, 

Mom, Dad, and Jon 

You have faced many obstacles in your high 
school years, and each time you amaze us 
with how you fight back, becoming a 
stronger, more confident person. We are all 
so proud of who you are: a very smart, 
courageous, beautiful young woman, with a 
knack for making us laugh. Follow your 
dreams wherever they take you, and when 
you turn back around, we will all be there 
supporting you. We love you Kathryn. 






We are so proud of all that you've achieved on 
the field and in the classroom. 

The best is yet to come. 

We love you, 

Dad, Mom, Rachel, Anthony, Jaclyn and Nick 

Congratulations, Class of 2015 

Matt, Chu, Boo 

We love you and are so proud of the man you have 
become. We wish you much happiness and success 
on your journey through life. We hope you keep 
your sense of humor and love of family and friends. 

Believe in yourself, as we do. Enjoy!! 

Love, Dad, Mom, Jeff, Courtney, Tim, and Bentley 

Congratulations, Kelsey 

We are so very proud of 
you, as you embark on the 
next journey in your life! 

Always stay true to 
yourself, and remember to 
follow your dreams; the 
world will be a better place 
because of it! 


Mom, Dad, Kerry, and 

Dearest Morgan — 

Many your light shine brightly, 
as you make your way 
through life. 

May you be happy, healthy, and 
successful in whatever 
you pursue. 

We love you and are so proud! 

Love, Mom and Dad 


Congratulations! We are so proud 
of the amazing young woman you 
have become. Time sure does fly, 
but every moment is a treasured 
memory. God has great plans for 
you, so remember to trust Him, 
and He will always direct your 
path. Be true to who you are, and 
you will find success. 

Love you up to the moon and 

Mom, Dad, and Sarah 

Congratulations, Katie! 
We are so proud of you and the 
beautiful, smart woman you’ve 
become. We have no doubt 
you'll go far in life, with your 
great smile and quick wit. 
Who knows where life will lead 
you after SHS, but whatever 
comes your way. we know you 
will make the most out of it. Go 
out into the world and absorb 
all life has to offer you! 

Much love, 

Dad, Mom, Jen, Alex & 



Class of 2015! 

It's been a long and exciting journey, from preschool to senior year, 
and we've been with you, every step of the way. 

Now it's time for you to take those steps on your own, 
but know that we are proud of you, and all your accomplishments, 
and we stand behind you while you now lead the way. 

Love and best wishes to you all. 

The teachers, education support professionals, secretaries, custodians, and maintenance staff 

The Sandwich Education Association 


Congratulations, Christopher 
We are so proud of you. We 
watched you grow from a shy young 
hoy into a confident young man 
who has touched the hearts of many 
people along the way. you get 
ready to take on life's new 
challenges, we want you to know 
that we will continue to stand by 
you every step of the way. 

Love, Mom, Dad, & Amanda 


Congratulations! We are so proud of 
your accomplishments during your 
time at SHS, and of the amazing 
young man you have become. We all 
dream, but only a few go the extra mile 
to achieve it- you have always gone 
the extra mile, and we applaud you. 
Strive for your dreams and enjoy this 
journey of life - may yours be filled 
with adventure and amazement! 

We love you to the moon and back! 
Dad, Mom, Zach & Alicia 
“In golf, as in life, it is the follow through that 
makes the difference.” - Anonymous 


What an amazing young 
man you've become! We 
couldn't be more proud of 
you! Now go fulfill your 
dreams, whatever they may 
be. The world is waiting for 
you to jump in and live large. 
Be happy, be kind, and be 
the best at whatever you 
choose to do! 
We love you very much! 
Nana and Grampa 


We are so very proud of you and 
all that you have done with your 
life so far. You have always been 
a loving and caring young man, 
with a huge heart, always willing 
to help anyone. 

We will miss you when you leave 
for boot camp, but know you will 
be a great Marine. 

Love you so very much. 

Mom, Dad, Matthew, Corey, and 


He are so very proud of you ! 

You truly are our sunshine and 
Make us happy each and every day! 

Remember to dream big and reach for the stars! 
Just know, that no matter what your future holds, 
You are destined to keep making the world 

He love you so much and are already missing you! 
LOVE ALWAYS - Mom, Dad (&Sophia) 


From the day you were born you have been 
such a good, fun, and fun-loving boy. 

You have grown into a young man who is talented in so many ways! 

You have brought us so much joy. 

Continue to discover and develop your many gifts and know we are 
always here for you! 

With much love and great pride. 

Mom, Dad & Maria 



We have always been so proud of you, from that 
first “side-winder” smile in kindergarten to the 
beautiful young woman you have become. Believe 
in yourself, we do. Can't wait to see the great things 
you do next. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Cat 

Congratulations, Gina! 

You are such a special daughter, who is wonderful and sweet. 
You have brought our family so much joy,and made our lives 

If e hope your future is filled with success and magic too. 
Since you 're a very special girl who should have all her 
dreams come true 

ffe love you so much, and are so very proud of the young 
woman you have become. 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulations, Zhen! 

It seems like we were just picking you up from China, and now here you 
are , finished with one phase of your life and ready to go to the next one. 
Your talent is astonishing, a gift that we know will bring you great pleasure 
and satisfaction as you go forward. We will always he there if you ever need 
us, but we both know that you are ready for all that is in store for you. 
Open your heart, open your mind, and know you are loved. 

Mom and Dad 



Congratulations! ! 

We are so proud and so 
thankful for you. 

Keep your eyes on your dreams 
and choose happiness on your 

Remember, you can do 
anything, and to us you are 


Mom, Dad, Brian, and Gavin 

Congratulations, Jack!! 
Our wish for you is that this 
life becomes all that you 
want it to... You are a truly 
amazing young man with 
big dreams, a great mind, 
and a big heart. We can't 
wait to see what will come 
next in your adventure! We 
love you! God Bless you 
and all of the 
Class of 2015!! 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Riley 


All of your hard work 
is paying off. Keep 
looking forward; a 
great future awaits 
you. We are so proud 
of you. We love you 
and we will always be 
here for you. 


Mom and Dad 


The Places Youll Go!’’ 

Ue Love You, Kath! 
Mom and Dad 


No matter where you go, go knowing that you are so 
loved. You are kind, brave, and independent, and we are 
so proud. Follow your heart, live your dream, and know 
that we are always here for you! 

“High tide or low tide, Fll be by your side. You know 
that Fll be by your side.” 

With so much love. 

Mom and Dad 



Congratulations to our very 
special girl. You have 
made us proud, with your 
accomplishments and your 
fantastic attitude. 

Now, on to another 
adventure God has in store 
for you! 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad & Sarah 

You Did It, Molly !! 

"She holds the hand that 
holds her down. ..she will 
rise above." 

We are so proud of you. 
Continue to be yourself, 
and you will be okay. 
Love always. Mom and 


We are so proud of you. 
You have become an 
amazing young woman. 

You are going to do 
amazing things in your life. 
Always smile :) 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, and MK, B, P, 
K,0,C,L,J, J,A,R,M,C 

For Lily Barter 

Be who you are and say 
what you feel. 
Because those who mind 
don't matter and 
Those who matter don't 

-Dr. Seuss 

Go get 'em. Monkey! We 
love you. 
Mom, Dad, Debra, and Tom 

Julia is light, happiness, 
and joy! We love you 
Julia, more and more. 
You are an amazing, 
strong, young woman, 
and we can't wait to see 
what you do next! 

Mom, Dad, Amelia, 
Charlie, Eric, Leah, and 


We wish you adventure 
on your journey. 
Listen to your heart, and 
take risks carefully. 
Remember how much you 
are loved. 
We are so proud of you. 
Mom, Dad, and Sarah 


I H atching you step toward 
, your dreams has given us 
our proudest moments. A 
scholar, an achiever, a 
community advocate, and 
a loving individual... the 
word “'proud” Just isn t 
( enough. 

I H e love y'ou, Katie! 

I Love, Mom, Dad, Shelley, 
Hannah, Matt, and Carly 


Keep smiling as you follow 
your dreams. 

We are very proud of you. 
With love. 

Mom, Dad, and Aaron 




We are very proud of 
you, and we wish you 
lots of success in the 
future. We are always 
here for you, and we 
love you very much. 
Mom & Dad 

Congratulations, Erin 

Live for today 
Dream of tomorrow 
Learn from yesterday. 

We are so proud of you ! 
Love, Mom, Dad, and 
your sisters 


Do not follow where the Path may lead, 
Go, Instead, where there is no Path 
And leave a Trail. 

You are forever Loved, 

Mom, Dad, Ryan, Christopher, and Brianna 

Dear Michelle. 

You are a beautiful, respectful, and 
intelligent young lady, and we are 
beyond proud of all you have 
accomplished. You are on to the ne.xt 
chapter of your life! Keep looking 
ahead and never look hack, because 
you have so much ahead of you to 
look forward to. Enjoy your life! 
We love you so much! 

Love Always, 

Mom, Dad, Melissa, and Maranda 


Congratulations and 
best wishes 
for your bright 

Lots of love, 
Mom and Dad 

Congratulations, Meghan! 
Watching you grow has been a 
complete pleasure. I have always 
wanted the moon and stars for you. I 
began to realize, as you grew older 
and more independent, that I had to let 
go. You were the one who had to 
reach for the moon and stars, and I 
could only support you. 

You have passed my goals and 
expectations. Not only in your 
achievements, but in the young 
woman you've become. I have 
enjoyed your journey, and I am 
looking forward to seeing what your 
life has ahead. As you know, life 
holds challenges, obstacles, and 
disappointments. Don't let those get 
in the way as you strive for the moon 
and stars and follow your dreams. 
Know that I will always love, support, 
and encourage you to be the best you 

I love you and 1 am very proud of 





The paper fiber used 
in this yearbook was 
responsibly sourced. 


Do Not Take From This Room 

Genieva Aboltin • Ikram Ahmad 
• Shelley Alden • Peter Amaral • 
Sarah Archambeault • Jacob Avery 
• Meghan Baker • Hannah Barrett • 
Lily Barter • Rebecca Bassick • Molly 
Bedford • Lily Belekewicz • William 
Bennett • Alexis Blais-Anderson • 
Gina BoccuzzI • Amy Bolton • Joshua 
Booth • Zachary Boudrow • Noah 
Bourdon • Patrick Bowlin • Nicole 
Brackett • Sarah Briggs • Stefanie 
Briggs • Allison Bryant • Madison- 
Lee Buckland • John Cahill • John 

I Casali • Allen Chace • Emily 
Christensen • Spencer Cleary 
• Danielle Coleman • Emma 
Colombo • Erin Condon • Kylie 
Condosta • Benjamin Cooney 
• Brian Cundiff • Matthew 
Dahl • Marissa Danta • Colin 
Deal • John DeCoste • Dominic 
DeLuca • Emma Dempsey • 
Alexander Denmark • Benjamin 
Diefendorf • William Dimitres 
• Donald Donahue • Daniel 
Donovan • Patrick Donovan • 
Joseph Downes • Joseph Drif- 
meyer • Katherine Dunham • 
Katelyn Dyer • Taylor Eccleston 
• Dana Evans • Harrison Evans 
• Lydia Evans • Sophia Felicetti 
• Michelle Fernald • Kassandra 
Finlayson • Kelley Fitzgerald • 
Jake Flaherty • Jordan Foster 
• Jennifer Fuhrman • Michael 
Fulton • Sarah Gaffney • 
Julia Gagnon • Lucas Gagnon • 
Stephen Galanis • Delaney Gill 
• Hayley Glidden • Alexandria 
Glynn • Marcelle Goldberg • 
Jacob Golden • Zachary Gorrasi 
• Alexander Govoni • Katelyn 
Govoni • Megan Greenhaigh • 
John Griffin • Patrick Griffin 

AC9 ^ . a 3 


Brett Grosso • Mackenzie Hagist • Christopher Hamilton Jr • 

Sophia Hannah • Brooke Hanson • Logan Haygood • Jacob Healy 
• James Hemingway • William Herndon • Alicia Heyer • Cedar 
Hickey • Allison Hir • Brittany Hogan • Carly Hokanson • Lane 
Horton • April Hughes • Katherine Hurley • Heather Huska • Kyle 
Jacob • Ryan JamilowskI • Christopher Jones • Brady Joseph • 
Madison Kais • Shannon Kane • Haley Kardon • Kathryn Karolc- 
zak • Kenneth Kaufmann • Dylan Kay • Caroline Keil • Sebastian 
Khoroshev • Cullen Kilduff • Olivia Klinck • Matthew Ladner • 

Rachel Lake • Anthony 
Lambros • Dante Lam- 
bros • Jessica Langley 
• Kendra Lansing • Vic- 

torla Leonard • Abigail^ LeVangle • Maggie 
LeVangie • Matthew Long • Angela Lorino • Katherine 
Lowry • Orna Lynch • Colleen Macdonal • Emily MacDonald 

• Alexander Maiato • Bailey Maiato • Connor Mangelson • Ni- 
cole Martin • Daniel McAuliffe • Sean McBain • Kylie McCartney 

• Shaun McCoy • Tara McElhinney • Elizabeth McEntee • Caroline 
McKenna • Tyler McMahon • Braddon Miele • Charles Miller • Timo- 
thy Milliken • Adam Monast • Justin Morrison Jr • Shannon Mosher 

• Brian Murphy • Caroline Murphy • Laura Murphy • Matthew Murphy 

• Sabrina Nelson • Allsson Nolan • Katelyn Noyes • Henry O'Brien IV • 
Cole O'Brien • Joann^^^^^^'Corman • Madison Oakley • Jacob 

Olsen • Al^^^^^^^^^^^exandra Pace • Allison Pannoni 

Rachel Pentoney • Rachel 
Perras • Thomas Perron • 
Daniel Perry • Matthew Pe- 
terson • Victoria Petipas • 
John Petty III • Casey Powell 
• Kelsey • Megan 

Reardon • Scott Reels Jr • Olivia Reilly 

• Lydia Rose • Katelyn Ross • Preston Rowe • 

Hannah Salamone • Hope Salamone • Jack Salters • Keelan Santos • 

Lilli Santos • Genevieve Santry • Jesse Satkevich • Jamie Smith • Riley 
Sorenson • Zachary Souza • Samantha Spink • William Stergis • Philecia 
Strauss • Christopher Sullivan • Patrick Sullivan • Grace Tanguilig • 

Morgan Taylor • Jacob Teehan • Angle Tellez • Andrew Thomas 
• Patrick Tierney • Raymond Tourville • Nathan Trottier • 

Steven Tully • Gabriella Uribazo • Rabbia Waheed • Emily 
Walker • Katherine West • Annabelle White • Kelsey 
White • Tyler White • Ann Wilson • Christo- 
pher Wilson • Shelly Wolfe • Gregory